City Guide Las Vegas, USA

Visiting Las Vegas

The tackiest city in the world, Las Vegas also happens to be one of the most entertaining cities you could ever visit.

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Las Vegas Podcasts

The Wedding Chapel Crawl

Heard of a pub crawl? Where you call into loads of pubs in the one night? Well join Colm as he embarks on a 'wedding chapel crawl', calling into six different wedding chapels in the same evening on Las Vegas Boulevard in Sin City.

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Las Vegas Videos

With the King himself in Las Vegas

You never know who you might meet in Las Vegas...

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Las Vegas City Reviews

  • 20%


    Very fancy city...more than it seems on television...but boring though

    The Casinos are very fancy inside...some casinos don't allow that you brush your teeth inside of them....I wonder who has posed such senseless rule! Not a very good city to have real fun....it is much more for you to lose your money!

  • 30%


    LAS Vegas - Everything that is wrong with the Human Race.

    Set against the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and desert, Las vegas sits as a sign of humanities intrusion on this Earth. It is a man made monstrosity in an otherwise wonderful place. It is a place where adults can believe that there are no worries other than if there will still be shrimp at the casino buffet. If you walk 5 mins off the strip in either direction you will see the dark side of Vegas, the drugs, alcoholism, homelessness and neglect of the local people. Do not go here.

    Insider Tip:Do not go to Las vegas alone. If you are to go at all book a hotel on the strip with a big group. Going alone and staying in hostel is not safe, especially as a female.

  • 80%


    can have a lot of fun for low cost. the casinos are cool just to wander around as they have displays, aquariums, shows etc for free. it´s also cool to check out the freemont st experience one night. bellagio fountain show and mirage volcano show are MUST SEE

    Insider Tip:you can take the strip express bas rather than the deuce and it is a lot quicker. buses get very crowded in the evening.

  • 80%


    Lovely place

    Great place to stay, staff were amazing and helpful. Rooms were clean, with balcony. Wedding chapel downstairs is fun to watch weddings. Very quiet, a little far from the actual main strip but buses and taxis are fine, we walked! Stick to the strip as anywhere else is a bit scary. Not too far from greyhound but in a shady area so id advise to get a taxi!

  • 90%



    Amazing, I cannot explain for you guys... just go there and take a look! Schedule to be there per 4 or 6 days. In the summer take care about the sun because it's really really hot and dry.

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