Things To See in Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas Things To See

Las Vegas is synonymous with spending money and shotgun weddings, among other things. So, while you are there you should definitely pay a visit to a variety of both establishments. While the casinos are unavoidable, the wedding chapels may not prove quite so easy to find. When you do locate them, however, you are in for a real treat because they are every bit as tacky and as wacky as you could ever have imagined them. And, if you are thinking of tying the knot, you do have to be over eighteen (or have parental consent) but the good news is there is no waiting list and you don’t need to have a blood test. What a bonus.

The casinos in Vegas pretty much talk for themselves. The city’s skyline consists of huge buildings adorned with neon lights of every colour so on your arrival you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. Once there, you will be amazed at just how crazy this place is. The casinos are also home to the main attractions in Las Vegas, from roller coasters to simulated rides, each casino is an amusement park in itself. The only thing you need to remember when you are here is that it’s not a city for the conservative. You just need to lose, or momentarily forget, your inhibitions and enjoy the experiences that it has to offer.

Attractions in Las Vegas

  • American Superstars

    Stratosphere, 2000 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, USA

    American Superstars is one of the more popular celebrity impersonator shows in Las Vegas, probably because it’s one of the few where the performers actually sing live. Five impersonators perform each night so you could get to hear anyone from Diana Ross and the Supremes to the Spice Girls. Of course, they’re not the real thing, and you quickly realize this when you see that black performers are played by white people, but they are good at what they do and the evening is an enjoyable one. Because it is such a popular show, you do need to book up to three days in advance and it will cost you about $23 which includes tax

  • Chapel of Love

    1430 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, USA

    Now keep your hair on. We would not even suggest such a thing. But no visit to Las Vegas would be complete without just a peek into one of these world famous establishments. This particular church is run mainly by women and the men take the pictures and drive the limousines. There are four different venues in which to say ‘I do’. You could take your vows in the floral wall papered Lavender or Peach Chapel, the Rose Chapel or the Rainbow chapel. The visit will be a memorable one, even if it is only the wallpaper which stays in your mind, and will be a bit of fun too.

  • Mahnattan Express Roller Coaster

    New York New York, 3790 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, USA

    Located in the imitation New York, over the New York Harbour to be precise, this rollercoaster was designed by the American branch of the top Japanese designers – Togo. It is a highly impressive ride which has riders screaming for their lives as they twist and turn through the ups and downs of the journey. The highlight of the ride is a five hundred and forty degree spiral. While it is quite pricey, $8 for under three minutes, it does offer better value than similar attractions in the area.

  • Fremont Street Experience

    425 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, USA

    This is a street carnival where you will dance the night away under a $70 million light laden canopy. Suspended ninety feet above the street, the canopy consists of over two million lights, forty robotic mirrors and one hundred and eighty strobe lights. Oh, there’s a 540,000 watt sound system too. So, what you have got is a unique experience of sight and sound. The street itself is the centre of neon Vegas and it is here too where you will find the Neon Museum with plaques in front of each sign telling you all about its history. What a truly cultural experience.

  • Hoover Dam

    35 Miles from Las Vegas & 10 from Boulder City (R, Las Vegas, USA

    Although technically it’s not actually in Las Vegas, when you are this close it really is worth the bus trip. At the base of the Colorado River and Lake Mead, the dam forms the border between Arizona and Nevada and is the largest in the western hemisphere. It stands at over seven hundred and twenty five feet above the water and has seventeen seven-story generators which provide power to homes and businesses in three states. While there you can take a guided tour through the turbine room which will bring you right to the base of the dam or you can take a more detailed tour, wearing an obligatory hard hat, through the generator shaft and seepage galleries. But, just one look at the dam in all its glory, will make you glad you came, even if you don’t get to wear a rather fetching hard hat.

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