Transport in Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas Transport

Getting There
The main airport in Las Vegas is McCarran International Airport and is where you will land if you are flying from other US cities, Canada and Europe. Other cities also have connections with McCarran but usually come through one of the three locations which have already been mentioned. The good news is that the airport is situated about five miles south of downtown and several companies run shuttles between it and the city centre every few minutes making your arrival a hassle free one.

The city also has Greyhound bus connections with Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Phoenix. Another cheaper bus service is the Green Tortoise which offers a communal bus service between Las Vegas and all the major cities on the West Coast.

The Amtrak train service was due to restore its passenger service to Los Vegas late last year, it hasn’t happened yet. When it is up and running this line will be served by a ‘Casino Train’ which will travel from Los Angeles in about five and a half hours. Most tickets for this line will be pre-sold to hotels in Las Vegas so the price you pay for the ticket will depend on where you buy it.
If you have a full drivers license and your budget isn’t too minute, one of the best and most scenic ways to get to Vegas is by car. Numerous highways cross the desert and take you there from all the major cities in the Southwest.

Getting Around
Citizens Area Transit operate the bus service which serves the city. Bus 301 serves downtown and the strip and Buses 108 and 109 serve the airport. Most operate every ten to fifteen minutes. You can also avail of the Las Vegas Strip Trolley which serves all major hotels en route to the Sahara. They do not go to the Sahara or Downtown. The trolleys also run every ten to fifteen minutes between 9.30am and 2.00am. Several casinos are now running a number of free transportations services and if all else fails you can avail of the city’s taxi service.
There are various different taxi companies but generally, the same prices apply. You will pay $2.20 as soon as you get inside the car and $1.50 for each mile you travel thereafter. Taxis run twenty four hours a day, but if do require one you should book it at least half an hour in advance.

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