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Visiting Lima

With a population of nearly 6½ million people, Lima is the capital of Peru as well as the country’s largest city. Even though it lacks some of the charm of Buenos Aires and it isn’t as spectacular as Rio de Janeiro, it has lots to offer the visitor and has established itself as one of South America’s top destinations.

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Lima Podcasts

Lima - What not to miss

In this podcast recorded in the capital of Peru, Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty talks to Gisella Vasquez of the tourist board there to ask her what visitors shouldn't miss, where are the best places to eat and more.

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Peru Videos

Cusco - a video postcard

Watch our video postcard of Cusco to check out its main square Plaza de Armas, Machu Picchu and more.

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Peru Pocket Guides

Peru Pocket Guides

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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Lima City Reviews

  • 60%


    Miraflores, Peru

    If you want to stay in Lima, Miraflores is without any doubt the city where you have to settle down. It is close to Lima downtown (20 minutes long by local bus) and there are many daily and night options.

    Insider Tip:You must stay there 2/3 nights, it is enough. Peru has many wonderful places to visit.

  • 70%


    Lima Review

    I didn't see much of the city because our time was short. What i did see was some poverty by the airport but the city itself is doing well. You see everywhere their is construction in the community, men building community parks, fixing roads. It is a good reflection of the economy here. It is seen in its hardworking people. I enjoyed my stay.

    Insider Tip:I put weather as average, it can be nice. But strangely most of the time it is humid with a thick marine layer. occasional blue skies but mostly gray.Strange, but I liked it.

  • 80%


    Lima, more than just an airport.

    The great highlight of Lima is its bustling restaurants and bars. Although in comparison to the rest of Peru architechture and history are a little sparse it is a great place to recover from a long flight, experience some of the local foods in the best places possible and meet people who you are bound to bump into again. Main reccomendations, Huaca Pucllana, Barranco Beer Company, La Choza Nautica and give surfing in the pacific a go!

    Insider Tip:Do your best to find la Choza Nautica and try their cerviche, its the best in Peru!

  • 80%



    It's an interesting place. Try all the different foods, but there's so many other places to see so don't stay too long. It's good to start there or near the cost and then go to Cuzco or something.

    Insider Tip:N/a

  • 50%


    Not impresed

    Stopping there from Cuzco, the difference was night and day. The depressive fog that blankets the city seems to set the mood for the majority of the populace. Originally planned to stay there 3 nights, I'm glad we cut it short to 1 night since we visited several ruins in and around Cuzco after Machu Picchu. The people are nowhere near as friendly or hospitable, there is basically no culture left and the visible divide in social classes is disgusting.

    Insider Tip:Unless you have planned to visit specific sites in Lima, I would advise you to stay there 1 night. Not going to miss anything you haven't seen in any other major city. Spend your time elswhere like Cuzco!

Peru: Itinerary

The Peruvian capital is slowly establishing itself as one of South America’s most popular cities with travellers. The city centre is a grid of busy streets and picturesque squares where locals and tourists alike flock every day. Seasoned with some of engrossing museums along with an ever growing number of restaurants and bars and you can see why people are coming here in their droves.

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