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With a population of nearly 6½ million people, Lima is the capital of Peru as well as the country’s largest city. Even though it lacks some of the charm of Buenos Aires and it isn’t as spectacular as Rio de Janeiro, it has lots to offer the visitor and has established itself as one of South America’s top destinations.

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Lima Podcasts

Lima - What not to miss

In this podcast recorded in the capital of Peru, Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty talks to Gisella Vasquez of the tourist board there to ask her what visitors shouldn't miss, where are the best places to eat and more.

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Peru Pocket Guides

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Lima City Reviews

  • 50%


    Beware of taxis

    I was speaking to a local who explained to me the taxi situation in Lima. The majority of the taxi fleet can be untrustworthy so be careful. Even the locals only use taxis in which they called ahead of time.

    Insider Tip:In recent years, the government initiated a program where taxi drivers receive a red and white sticker for certifying their vehicle. While the criteria to get the certification is simple, it adds a small layer of reliability when hailing taxis. Ideally, use only taxis with the red and white stickers on them.

  • 70%


    Nice city for a day or two

    Check out the Miraflores, Barranco and historic district. Make sure you learn how to bargain too from street and side vendors! You can get things for cheaper!

    Insider Tip:Don't be afraid to ask questions on how to get around!

  • 80%


    Lima... a nice welcome to Peru

    We decided to spend a day in Lima before heading up to Cuzco and definitely don't regret it! With tons of great food options, a bike tour and walking around Miraflores, it was a day well spent.

    Insider Tip:We had a tough time deciding between staying in old Lima near the Plaza or out in Miraflores. Definitely happy with our choice of Miraflores. Very safe and a lot to see and do. If you are only staying for a short time, rent a bike or do a bike tour so you can cover more ground. Also eat ceviche in Lima!! Right on the coast, so it is fresher. Also make sure you eat it for lunch (before 2PM), so you don't risk getting sick.

  • 100%


    Beautiful City

    Absolutely loved the culture and the atmosphere in Lima. There's tons to do -- from shopping to seeing churches to looking at architecture to paragliding. It's a really chill city and wonderful to stroll around -- especially Miraflores.

  • 60%


    Big city with a lot of traffic

    Lima is a 8.5M people city and lacking a subway or efficient public transportation system, getting around takes time and if you don't want to pay for taxis also some patience. To me, the biggest appeal of Lima is the cuisine, I've never ate so well while spending so little.

    Insider Tip:Location is key, stay as close as possible to the heart of Miraflores so you can walk and take a cheap taxi.

Peru: Itinerary

The Peruvian capital is slowly establishing itself as one of South America’s most popular cities with travellers. The city centre is a grid of busy streets and picturesque squares where locals and tourists alike flock every day. Seasoned with some of engrossing museums along with an ever growing number of restaurants and bars and you can see why people are coming here in their droves.

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