City Guide Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana City Reviews

  • 90%


    A town which has been overlooked

    I think people overlooked this city because there are more popular and famous cities in Europe. However, during our trip, Ljubljana is the city we liked the best. Small and peaceful, not so many tourists around, walking distance to everywhere in the city. There are not really any tourists attractions like other places, but the atmosphere there itself is an attraction. We love the feeling, it's like we were brought back to the Middle Age time. People spoke English well and were super friendly.

    Insider Tip:There is an Outdoor Food Market every Friday and the town Market Square. Go to Ljubljana on Friday if you want restaurant-quality food with a decent price. It's a great experience thou, we got to eat outdoor, talked to a lot of local buyers and listen to them explaining about their cuisines. There were tons of local at the food market and it's a great opportunity to blend with the locals if you'd like.

  • 80%


    Great town for a few days!

    Great town to walk around and explore. It seems to have a lot of students, so there is a fun atmosphere and it feels very safe. It is clean, people are friendly, interesting sights, good food. Be sure to check out the food market on weekends - great food, beer, and wine all in an outdoor "beer-garden" type of area.

    Insider Tip:Research travel dates for local festivals and activities ahead of time. Check out the night food market.

  • 70%


    Place to chill... : )

    Not a hectic, busy, bustlin metropol but rather a peaceful beautiful town with nice architecture : ) not the most cheapest place in Balkans but still average prices nice terraces by the river, nice old castle... fun little city just to walk around : ) recommended to visit at least once in the lifetime! : )

    Insider Tip:If u wanna have a good party the Metelkova-area is a must... Ask from locals! :D

  • 80%



    Ljubljana is a lovely, friendly place, very compact, very clean. if you like baroque and art nouveau, and sitting on the riverbank sipping vine, you'll like it. The good thing is that all the interesting places can be reached on foot. Don't miss the castle and the marketplace. Also interesting is the botanical garden and Metelkova.

    Insider Tip:Look out for the nutrias in the river.

  • 80%



    Suprised by how nice this small capital was, I would consider going back for a short trip away in the future

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