City Guide Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana City Reviews

  • 100%


    Amazing cities of Europe

    Great and cheep food, nice bars with live music, old center alive with great culture, kind people! Not far from coast of Croatia and Slovenia!

  • 60%


    Nice play to visit

    I believe that Ljubljana is a stop over before you discover the whole Slovenia. There's not many things to do/see in Ljubljana. All the recommended attractions is just at the "so so"/normal level. But the rest of Slovenia is just amazing.

    Insider Tip:For the food, you can try 1 restaurant who called RIBCA, just locates under the tri-bridge (there will be stairs going down . Their foods made of fishes are just excellent with cheap price. For the bus, I recommend you to buy ticket directly on the bus, not on internet, nor the automatic machine. Slovenia has a complex bus network. Many companies operate 1 line number, or as least that was what the driver who denied my e-ticket told me. You can get a cheaper price of 1 eur, but will get lot of problems

  • 100%


    My Favourite City

    Love this city, great vibes around main square and the buildings are beautiful, very happening and alternative city. Would live here if I could.

    Insider Tip:Go to the theatre near McDonalds, they sell small time plays for cheap prices and it's a lot of fun!

  • 90%


    Small, but worthy visiting

    Ljubljana is quite small, but is a really beautiful place! Be sure to check Metelkova! Either during the day, were you can get great pictures, either in the night, when the clubs are open and they are awesome as f.

  • 80%


    Really Cool, Underrated City

    Didn't know what to expect before visiting Ljubljana, but ended up really enjoying the cool, laid-back vibes here. The city is on the smaller side, which I like because even in a shorter number of days you can still get a feel for the city and its personality. I loved buying some fresh foods from the market and enjoying them by the river, walking around the city, and just exploring the shops and cafes. There is also a ton of cool street art and graffiti that can be found everywhere in the city.

    Insider Tip:Try the horseburger at Hot Horse, it's their local drunk food!

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