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Covering approximately 650 square miles, London is one of Europe’s largest cities. It is arguably it’s most iconic also and here you will encounter some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. And while the British capital is such an enormous city, you can still pack an awful lot into the one day. Many of those famous sights are within walking distance of each other, and after visiting them you can treat yourself to a show in the West End before sampling the city’s legendary nightlife.

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Inside London's British Museum

Housing a vast collection of world art and artefacts, the British Museum in the heart of central London is the city's most famous museum. Here there are over seven million objects kept, in collections focusing on Ancient Egypt, Japanese art and much more. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to JD Hill to find out what is his favourite collection and much more.

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How to save money in London

Find out how to save money when buying West End tickets in London, how to save money on the Tube and more.

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London Pocket Guide

London Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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London City Reviews

  • 100%


    Best City

    Great city lots and lots of things to do. Should've stayed there for more days to visit the surroundings (stonehenge, cambridge, oxford, liverpool...)

  • 70%



    Great city but it is wicked expensive. Tube and bus system is great. Awesome city but be ready to spend money. Also bring a raincoat

    Insider Tip:Use the tubes it is the best way to get around

  • 80%


    London is unexpectedly great

    I was avoiding it, but I had to use it as a transport hub and it took a few days but I really like this city I think. If you go and find some parts dull just try a different part of town. I think there's 32 boroughs, NYC has 5 so it's very likely you'll find something you'll love. Touristy stuff, I liked Parliment, the guards, and the British Museum. There's stereotypes about the food being bad in London but that's complete Bullcrap. Brits are great at conversation I think so the people are cool

  • 70%


    London was cool

    I honestly didn't care for London before coming here. I only came here because it has flights to many other cities in Europe. London is very large, like 32 boroughs if I'm not mistaken... NYC has 5. I didn't really care for the sight seeing too much. The British museum is awesome, the archaeologist got all the best stuff so I wouldn't skip it. It's large so you might have trouble with night life if you're in the wrong spot initially, but keep exploring. I had fun and the food is good there.

  • 80%


    Glad I went?

    Since this was my first stop from the US, it was nice to go somewhere that spoke my language to start the trip. However, that turns out to be a lot of places in Europe. I will absolutely come back at some point, but I feel like 3 days and $400 only got me to the point of being able to say I went there without actually experiencing the place. I'm definitely coming back at some point, but this is a place where you need to drop a lot of money to actually take it in, even with careful research.

England: Itinerary

London is Europe's largest city, so doing everything of interest to the average traveller is impossible. But in three days you can certainly get the feel of that 'London Vibe' everybody talks about. Here's a rough guide about how to go about it...

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