About London, England

About London

With a population of over seven and a half million, and covering approximately 650 square miles, London is one of Europe's largest cities. Ethnically, it's also Europe's most diverse metropolis: around two hundred languages are spoken within its confines, and more than thirty percent of the population is made up of first, second and third-generation immigrants.

Basically, there aren't enough Londoners to fill the city. That is why there are so many people of foreign descent living here. One in three Londoners belongs to ethnic minorities. Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese all have prominent communities here resulting in many different cultures throughout the city.

Few cities dominate the national horizon as completely as London. It is here that the country's news and money are made; it's where the central government resides and, as far as its inhabitants are concerned, provincial life begins beyond the circuit of the city's orbital motorway. Londoners' sense of superiority causes enormous resentment in the regions outside of the capital, yet it is undeniable that the capital has a unique aura of excitement and success.

The one thing to keep in mind about London is that it is busy. There are people everywhere. Tube stations are heaving with Londoners morning, noon and night, and even at the weekends. This just makes it all the more exciting though, as there is no other city in the world like this one.

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