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Visiting Los Angeles

Renowned the world over, compliments of the role it has played in the movie making industry, your visit to Los Angeles will show you that it is a city with a great deal more to offer than Universal Studios and the famous Hollywood sign.

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Los Angeles - Ask the locals

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty takes to the streets of the City of Angels to ask the locals where they like to eat, drink and hang out.

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Walking down Hollywood Boulevard

Colm takes a stroll down LA's famous Hollywood Boulevard

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Los Angeles Pocket Guide

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Los Angeles City Reviews

  • 90%


    Stay in Santa Monica, and stay out of the rest of LA

    Santa Monica is one of my favourite spots in the US - the beaches are beautiful, the boulevard is great, and the people are super lovely - but the rest of LA I wouldn't go near with a 10 foot clown pole. Hollywood was good to go to just to say you've been to Hollywood and tick it off the list, but I found it a let down, not least because it just feels so dirty, and I have no desire to ever go anywhere near it again.

    Insider Tip:Go to Hollywood for a day, then just stay in Santa Monica. The rest of LA is not worth your time.

  • 40%


    Los Angeles

    So damn bis city and everything od very far. To go by bis is cheap but very expensive and for shopping everything is too far from each other!

  • 80%



    This city has it all! you can go 5 miles north and be in the wilderness and 5 miles south and be in the bustling city. Weather is great, the people are somewhat friendly and there are more things to do then there are to see. Everything is inexpensive so you would want to buy the world. Unlike, NYC and other major cities your not in an overcrowded dirty city. There are a lot of homeless people , unfortunately and parking is a nightmare. Overall I want to move out here!

    Insider Tip:IN AND OUT BURGER!!! enough said!

  • 70%


    What An Amazingly Unique and LARGE City

    This is the 2nd time I've been here as a young adult and one thing I totally forgot about.....this place is HUGE!!! From Santa Monica to Hollywood to North Hollywood to Venice to Malibu to Silver Lake....everything is awesome, but everything is also like 30minutes away from one another haha. This whole city though has such a vibrant personality that it's very easy to fall in love quickly. You can hike at Runyon Canyon, relax at one of the billion beaches, or get wasted at any kind of awesome ba

    Insider Tip:DONT BE AFRAID TO NOT HAVE A CAR! I rented a car the last day because I had a concert far away to go to, but I made it perfectly fine to 1) walk 2) bus 3) subway (YES THEY HAVE A SUBWAY) and 4) uber/lyft. Bring money This ain't NYC. things close here early my friends

  • 80%


    LA Top

    LA is such an amazing place! This city reflects perfectly the idea of California: palms tree, beach, chilled people, sun, great atmospherea!! The only bad thing is that it's too big. Of course it is an expensive city.. But that's just like every big city! I would raccomend to stay in the beach city and then go to visit the other neoghborhoods.

    Insider Tip:If you need to go somewhere far, the cheapest way is Uber, specially for 2-3 ppl (I paid 30$ from Santa Barbara to North Hollywood and I was by myself).

USA: Itinerary

Glitz, glamour and stars galore – you can find it all in the City of Angles. Walk down Rodeo Drive or Hollywood Boulevard and you might be lucky enough to bump into one of your idols! Set aside a few days to explore the Californian capital and you may also be lucky enough to unveil a whole lot more.

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