About Los Angeles, USA

About Los Angeles

Although it is quite difficult to imagine when you look at the city today, Los Angeles started out as a farming settlement which was established by the Spanish back in 1781. It remained an agricultural town until as recently as the twentieth century when all began to change. This transition was partly down to those living there already but mainly due to a new influx of inhabitants who began to take advantage of the climate, the economy and all the other attractions which LA had to offer.

Today Los Angeles is one of the United State’s most important commercial, financial and industrial centres. As well as this it is the second largest city in the country – only New York is more populated. As a result it can appear quite daunting to first time visitors and it’s hardly surprising. Stretching for over seventy-six miles along the Pacific coast the entire city area covers over four hundred and sixty five miles.

As has happened in so many cities worldwide where rapid growth had taken place, LA has its fair share of problems. Smog, lack of water and frequent earthquakes are an issue as is crime in certain areas. Nevertheless, none of these make themselves apparent to those visiting to the city provided that you avoid areas such as South Central Los Angeles and listen to the locals when they tell you where you shouldn’t frequent. Instead you will find yourself in a remarkable location that you are not likely to forget for a long time. From the glamour of ‘Tinseltown’ to the sunny beaches and the wonderful selection of restaurants to the oh so vibrant nightlife prepare yourself for a hectic stay.

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