Things To See in Los Angeles, USA

People all over the world are familiar with the famous attractions that Los Angeles has to offer. The exclusive shopping on Rodeo Drive, the thrills and spills of a visit to Universal Studios, the buzz you get when you a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame or catch your first glimpse of that famous Hollywood sign. But, as well as the attractions which have been made famous through the world of film throughout the decades, there’s a great deal more to LA than many visitors realise.

Home to a plethora of galleries, theatres and historic sights it’s clear that there’s a lot more to see than those attractions synonymous with the whole Hollywood ethos. For example there’s not many who know that LA has over two thousand museums, more than any other city in the US. Check out the Guinness World Record Museum, the LA County Museum of Art, the Getty Centre, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum and the Hollywood Entertainment Museum in particular but there are lots more which merit a visit.

Los Angeles also has a number of various neighbourhoods which are attractions in themselves. From checking out the ways of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills to the oriental delights of Chinatown, Korea Town and Little Tokyo or the glitz of Hollywood to the seaside attractions of Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu you really should set aside a little time for each one to truly appreciate just how much there is to see and do in LA.

Attractions in Los Angeles

  • Hollywood Sign

    Mulholland Highway, Los Angeles, USA

    There are probably very few of you that are not familiar with this famous fifty-foot sign which is why a visit really is a must. Originally constructed as ‘Hollywoodland’ in 1923, the purpose of the sign was to advertise a new housing development built in the hills below but today it serves as the best-known landmark in the city.

  • Mann's Chinese Theatre

    6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA

    Built back in 1927, this is one of the most famous and flamboyant picture houses which you will find lining Hollywood Boulevard. It is also one of the most visited attractions in the entire city. Epitomising the glamour of the whole show business industry, the original oriental façade with its red pagoda roof is still in existence and makes the building very easy to pick out from all the others.

  • Universal Studios

    100 Universal City Plaza, Los Angeles, USA

    Another must if you’re visiting LA, Universal Studios are much more a theme park than film studios. Nevertheless, you will get to see a lot of the behind the scenes work that goes into making movies. Among the attractions on offer are behind the scenes tour of four different film sets where you will meet a thirty foot tall version of King Kong, be attacked by Jaws, survive an earthquake and witness the parting of the Red Sea. Allow a day for this one as you will certainly need it – if not to see everything, well then definitely to recover.

  • Warner Bros Studios

    4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, Los Angeles, USA

    Founded in 1923 by four brothers, this is one of Hollywood’s most famous studios and has produced some of the best-known movies in the history of the industry including Casablanca, The Exorcist and Chariots of Fire. Much more technical than Universal Studios, the tours here focus on the workings of the filmmaking and offer a fascinating insight into the behind the scenes goings on. You should also note that reservations are required.

  • Walk of Fame

    Between La Brea and Gower Streets, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA

    Another attraction renowned the world over, this path of stars actually originated in the forecourt of the aforementioned Mann’s Theatre. The history of the walk of fame goes back to the origin of the theatre when its builder wanted to do something to mark the occasion of its opening and invited two stars at the time to put their handprints in the concrete. In the decades which have since elapsed, over two thousand handprints adorn the pavement and they stretch for three and a half miles. So, find your favourite star while you’re there or if you’re lucky, you may even catch a star ceremony as there’s three or four per year.

  • Rodeo Drive

    , Los Angeles, USA

    One of the most exclusive shopping streets in the entire country, Rodeo Drive is also one of California’s most popular tourist attractions. While they might not purchase a single thing – and most don’t – hordes of tourists wander along the avenue and window shop for hours on end checking out the Gucci, Armani and other such overpriced designer gear.

  • Farmers Market

    6333 West Third Street, Los Angeles, USA

    In existence since 1934, this market was the brainchild of two business men who wanted to set up an open air market where farmers could sell their goods to local patrons. Today, the market boasts a host of stalls selling international cuisine and an unrivalled selection of gifts from around the world. As well as this there are regularly scheduled events which take place there including Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter celebrations with karaoke every Saturday and live comedy ever Thursday. A shopping, dining and entertainment facility in one.

  • Old Chinatown Plaza

    423 Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles, USA

    One of the most colourful parts of the city, the plaza is home to all the sights, sounds and smells associated with the Orient. From the host of shops and restaurants on offer to the traditional fortune-tellers, there is a constant buzz about the place. You will also see the Golden Pagoda and the Seven Star Cavern Wishing Well as well as the beautiful Chinese arches which welcome you into the Plaza.

  • Santa Moncia Pier

    , Los Angeles, USA

    The original pier was built back in 1909 but was used for fishing so a second pier specifically for strolling was added in 1921. Both were given a massive face-lift in the seventies and the Santa Monica pier is now one of the nicest places to stroll in the city, particularly if you’re fortunate enough to catch a sunset. This is also where you will see the 1920’s carousel and although it’s no longer operational it is a trademark attraction in Los Angeles.

  • Museum of Tolerance

    9786 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA

    Located just south of Beverly Hills, this museum contains a number of interactive exhibitions which explore racism and bigotry in the US. From the torture inflicted on the Jews during the Holocaust to the LA riots this is a fascinating attraction which certainly demands that you take your time so you can let everything sink in.

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