City Guide Magnetic Island, Australia

Visiting Magnetic Island

A gateway to the Great Barrier Reef where the sun shines 320 days a year, sounds like a little piece of paradise.

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Magnetic Island City Reviews

  • 60%


    lovely island

    Good for chilling out, hiking, nature stuff. Would be a bit stuck if weather not good so avoid rainy season.

  • 80%


    Maggie retreat

    Beautiful getaway, a little paradise off the mainland. Secluded, this isn't a party island (with the exception of Base in Nelly bay) you come here to relax and bask in the beautiful surrounds. Slightly disappointed that I could do neither kayaking or horse riding as I was the only one wanting the tour-tail end of the season bit me on the behind. Alas, it mattered not, go and be charmed.

    Insider Tip:Come here and completely avoid Townsville-there is nothing to do and its not pretty! Remember your insect repellant and water-humid doesn't cover it. Feed the cutest wallabies at Geoffrey Bay, go prepared with a chopped apple and they will literally eat from your hand

  • 60%


    Chill out, no more than 2 nights

    Unless you are there for full moon party, there is not too much to do at night. Beautifull place, beautifull beaches, rent a scooter and go arroun the aisland... relax, swim.... and thats all. 2 nighst, 3 at the most, or you are going to get bored

    Insider Tip:Rent a scooter and in 1 day you can go al around the island. Try to be there for full moon

  • 10%


    this base was really cool. the reception wasnt open 24 hours so thats not useful if your locked out at 5am!! the full moon party was o.k, so much techno music, if you were on drugs all night it would be great!the weather was amazing and its so beautiful. one tip is to bring your own food, the supermarket is a 25min long walk away and so is everything else. there is a bus stop opposite which is useful.

  • 30%


    Magnetic Island

    I LOVE THIS ISLAND!!! So so relaxed and chilled - loads of beautiful beaches and bays with the clearest water. Great fishing spots too.

    Insider Tip:Hire a moke from Moke Magnetic - the BEST money I have spent in Australia and means you really get to explore the island uunder your own steam rather than waiting around for the bus.

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