About Magnetic Island, Australia

Situated just eight kilometres from Townsville, Queensland’s northern capital, Magnetic Island is so far removed from the mainland that you would be forgiven for thinking you had lost your mind as well as your way when you get there. Although tourist have been coming to the island for over one hundred years, it has still managed to maintain the majority of its unspoilt natural charm and beauty making it a very special place in today’s commercial world.

Of course the two thousand or so inhabitants add immensely to this laid back location. Their relaxed lifestyle is unusual, but it is also understandable when you just look at how amazing the island actually is. Golden beaches, coral seas, tropical flora and fauna in abundance, and sunshine all year round must make it very easy to live a serene and easy life. It may sound well sound like the stuff holiday brochures are made off. The only difference is that in this case, it’s true.

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