Entertainment in Magnetic Island, Australia

Unfortunately, the rumours are true. If the situation with restaurants on the island is bad, then the lack of pubs and clubs is even worse. Despite this, wherever you do find a drinking hole, you are guaranteed a good night because most of the pubs and clubs are actually located within the hostels on the island. This is a great way to meet up with fellow travellers and is also a cheap alternative to the exclusive nightspots in the cities.

Another night-time attraction is the outdoor theatre. This is a unique way to watch a movie and well worth a visit, particularly for all of you who come from areas who receive considerably less than three hundred and twenty days of sunshine every year.

Other than that, I’m afraid that’s pretty much it. Of course you’re going to pack so much into your days that your nights will be spent stocking up on energy for the following day. Nevertheless, if you’re feeling a little crazy one night give one of the bars listed here a try. You never know, you might even go back a second time.

Entertainments in Magnetic Island

  • Travellers Backpacker Resort

    No 1 The Esplanade, Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island, Australia

    This is a big modern hostel which used to be a hotel and now plays host to three licensed bars as well as the Island's nightclub. Located by the beach with a barbecue and dining areas as well as the ever important boozing points, this venue attracts backpackers from different hostels all over the island.

  • Coconuts on the Beach

    Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island, Australia

    Coconuts is one of the most popular resorts on the island and by night it turns into one huge beach party. As its name suggests, it is indeed located on the beach so as well as enjoying one or two social beverages at the bar, you can participate in any number of beach activities. Promoted by its owners as a backpacker party place, you can see why the place has become so popular.

  • Maggies Beach House

    Pacific Drive, Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island, Australia

    Advertising a bar where every hour is ‘Happy Hour’ is probably a mistake where a bunch of young, carefree travellers are concerned, but this is exactly what Maggies does. Do your really need to hear any more? Probably not, but you should also be aware that the establishment also runs a barbecue and a pizza oven, should you need some sustenance between cheap lager.

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