City Guide Manila, Philippines

Visiting Manila

While most people don’t spend very long in Manila during their stay in the Philippines, it certainly shouldn’t be bypassed as it does have a great deal to offer its visitors. So, don’t leave without checking it out for at least a couple of days.

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Manila City Reviews

  • 50%


    Hard City

    Manila is a big city. Everything can be considered expensive compared to other part of Philippines. But if you know your way around here than you'll be fine. The public transportations are still in poor condition. Traffic is bad and some places are not that tourist friendly. Just need to prepared for any possibilities. Tour or excursion available mostly on weekend and in big group.

    Insider Tip:If you want to use the LRT or MRT, travel early. The Q for the tickets is like you're trying to get a ticket to a concert or boxing day shopping.People are friendly and high chances they are able to speak English. When haggling price make sure it is well deal. They might ask for more later. Stand your price. Keep enough change, pay and walk away.

  • 70%


    The Philippines has far nicer places to offer - don't plan to spend more than a few days here.

    We stayed in Manila for 3 nights before we left for the island of Palawan and, while we had a pretty good time here, we were glad to get out to see what else the Philippines had to offer. There is not a great deal of things to do in the city. Intramuros was an interesting visit, although one of the cycle-cabs we took around attempted to scam us by overcharging us which took the sheen off the visit somewhat. Rizal Park was also a very nice place to be, especially in the evening.

    Insider Tip:At Manila Ocean Park - the aquarium - there is a fantastic rooftop bar linked to Hotel H2O. You do not have to pay to get to it and it provides a fantastic place to chill out with excellent views of Manila Bay and the nearby islands. We stumbled upon it on our visit to the aquarium and liked it so much that we went back the next night just to visit the bar. The food was fantastic and there is a great variety of drinks on offer for very acceptable prices.

  • 100%


    Great value for price; amazing staff

    Staff is like a family to everyone, I'll miss them for sure! Very good location! Nice pool and hangout area! Want to come again, although Manila is not "my city"

    Insider Tip:Great price/value ratio! Good people

  • 80%


    Pick your location wisely

    Stayed in Malete, did not enjoy it. Felt very on edge even walking down the street in broad daylight. Makati was far better safety wise. Ayala Triangle Park has some great cafes in it, and the malls are insane in Makati.

    Insider Tip:It's really easy to stay at Newport City (right near the mall) before your flight if you need to check out early. There are plenty of things to do there to keep you occupied, and a free shuttle service to the terminals. We hung out at a cafe and read while we waited to head to the terminal.

  • 50%



    Culture shock, zero seperation between rich and poor in terms of city location. Very dirty. People are wonderful, so kind and welcoming.

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