City Guide Manila, Philippines

Visiting Manila

While most people don’t spend very long in Manila during their stay in the Philippines, it certainly shouldn’t be bypassed as it does have a great deal to offer its visitors. So, don’t leave without checking it out for at least a couple of days.

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Manila City Reviews

  • 60%


    Manila is... lol

    It's an acquired taste. I've heard people say that they hate it and try to leave as soon as possible. I've been here now for about 4 months with only a one month break when I went to Vietnam. The trick to this place is really being open to the people and the culture. If you allow yourself to make friends the experience is different. The people here are sincere and will invite you into their homes upon first meet. They will invite you out, they will feed you, they will help you.. let them!

    Insider Tip:Be open, be patient and be friendly. It turns into a great place if you do.

  • 30%


    Manila, leave if you can

    Traffic kills you, takes atleast 1 hour more to leave the city. No one in tourism branch feels responsible for you and your matters.

    Insider Tip:Go to Baguio, its much nicer as a northern capital. Then go back to Manila only to go more South.

  • 30%


    One or two nights is more than enough

    I had to spend a bit more time in Manila than I wanted to, due to a typhoon. It feels like a more 3rd world los Angeles.the nightlife in makati is fun, but other than that and the shopping malls, theres not much to do.

    Insider Tip:Stay at pink manila

  • 60%


    Pit Stop

    I wouldn't spend to much time here before heading on to other islands. eg: Bohol, Cebu, Boracay Like most major Cities getting around is a nightmare due to traffic and it is heavily polluted. There isn't much to be seen in Manila, maybe try your skills at basketball with the local street kids? A good place to time out in Manila is Rizal park. You can rent a bicycle made of bamboo and ride around the park which is fun.

    Insider Tip:Simple tip nothing special. After exiting Manila airport, head up to departures and catch a white taxi to your destination. You will find a taxi instantly and not be waiting hours. Try get a white taxi as oppose to a yellow one, as they are meant to be cheaper.

  • 80%


    Watch out for taxis

    Always tell the cab driver "show me the meter"/ "turn on the meter" etc. Otherwise they will overcharge you and while that's not expensive in terms of GBP/USD/Euros etc. you don't want to be labelled an easy mark.

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