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No matter how many cities you've traipsed through on your travels, or how many characters you've met along the way, nothing can quite prepare you for Marrakech. This truly is a feast for the senses, and in your first day walking around the 'Medina' (old town), you won't know where to look and you will wonder what you can hear in the distance.

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Marrakech - In the souk

The Moroccan city of Marrakech is famous for many things, and its 'souk' (market) is just one of them. In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty walks through the souk to speak to some of the different people who run stalls there..

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Marrakech City Reviews

  • 80%


    A fleeting visit to Marrakech.

    Marrakech was an enjoyable place to end what was a great trip around morocco. After seeing various other parts of the country Marrakech felt quite touristy and a couple of the locals were quite rude, something we didn't experience anywhere else. The souks were fun and watching the sun set over the main square from a roof top cafe is magical.

    Insider Tip:Everything comes with a price. If you want a photo with one of the monkeys, snakes etc set your price before doing so!

  • 70%


    City of hustlers...

    Full-on, colourful, definitely loads to do...I'd particularly recommend the square, worth at least a couple of visits (at day and night). The main mosque, and a mystical garden (which was highly suggested, but I didn't get to go to) are all worth a trip. Definitely an experience of a city, but try somewhere like Agadir for a more chilled out souk - the city's full on, energetic and great selections of food. But, most of all, this is the city of hustlers.if some1 can fleece you, they will!

    Insider Tip:Try not to stand out as a tourist (easier said than done), always be prepared to haggle, be ready for taxi drivers to rip you off, and stay wary of 'guides', even if they are teenage boys willing to "show you to your riad" - they'll ask for money afterwards. As the song goes, "just walk on by".

  • 90%


    Can be quite overwhelming - just be confident and firm. Maps are somewhat useful but there are signs and landmarks to help find your way.

    Insider Tip:3 day desert trip - do it! If you are getting a bus you can go to the gare routiere which is much closer to the medina than the train station. CTM sells tickets and departs from there.

  • 40%


    Crazy city

    I believe that the lack Marrakech is security, you can not request information to anyone without the fear of being charged for this, I speak English, but all the time people addressed me in French, and had a moment inside the museum that a man almost hit me and did not understand why until now. The city is nice, but all the time we need to be on high alert! Many people stop you all the time.

    Insider Tip:I suggest you look for a hostel that offers short tours, check this with before arriving at the hostel, I met eg Hostels offering packages a day, that's fantastic, something my hostel no offered me.

  • 70%


    Wow...Marrakech, Morocco...what a trip...

    The city is full on but wonderful. We visited for a long weekend (4 days) and were blown away; it's a different world compared to our day-2-day lives in London! So many colors, smells and sights it was a sensory overload : ) I would def recommend taking a trip to Marrakech at least once because so far I haven't seen another spot on the planet that resembles it. We were thinking it would much like Istanbul but there's no comparing the 2!

    Insider Tip:For the most part we felt safe but had one incident walking out to the tannery which felt a bit dodge. A group of young males decided to be our tour guides even though we said we didn't need their help. After walking 5- 10 mins towards our destination we decided to turn back as we weren't comfortable with the group following us. There were 3 other couples walking the same route and they turned back as well. If you don't feel comfortable in a situation just turn around and leave!

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