City Guide Mexico City, Mexico

Visiting Mexico City

The largest city in the world, this mammoth metropolis offers a unique blend of the old and the new. From its thousand year old buildings to its young and vibrant population, it is a fascinating destination with something to offer all who visit.

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Mexico City City Reviews

  • 90%


    Amazing city

    Great city, lots of culture and lots of nightlife. It's a pitty they have so much pollution because it would be so much nicer with a clean air. The museums are amazing and (i don't really know if this is true) it's the city with the most of them in the world.

    Insider Tip:If you're going to a boat ride in Xochimilco, haggle the price because they tend to start WAY higher to what the ride it's supposed to be.

  • 80%


    Definitely go back

    Only had a weekend in Mexico City so decided to take the Tourist Bus in order to get our bearings. Due to traffic the trip took about 4 hours but I really enjoyed passing some of the neighbourhoods and next time will now know which ones to stop over at - Coyocan and Condesa for sure. Spent Friday night to Sunday there and only spent approx. $200 AUD including museum entries, accommodation, food etc. Could spend weeks here and do something different every time, can't wait to go back!

    Insider Tip:Tourist bus said it would take 2.5 hours for one loop but ended up taking 4 - Mexico City traffic changes everything so be flexible and don't work to a schedule too much. Eat where the locals eat for cheaper eats and more authentic food.

  • 80%


    Amazing city!

    Mexico city was really busy early Dec but had a great vibe, very busy but no bad atmosphere, no pushing or shoving, all very pleasant! Mexicans do not appear to use pushchair/strollers which is lovely to see & aids getting around for everyone.

    Insider Tip:Don't be afraid of the metro & don't go on a tour bus at commuter times!

  • 80%


    Mexico City

    So many things to see and do, food is great most places. Everything is so cheap, except drinks in nightclubs, they're pretty expensive. Taotihuacan is a must, and the Museo Nacional de Antropología is a good one to see too, very interesting.

    Insider Tip:Learn to speak Spanish, no one speaks English! As with any city, find those small cafe/resturants outside the tourist areas on the smaller streets, for the best food.

  • 80%


    DF- DOS

    Don´t miss Palacio Nacional (get inside and admire the paintings by Diego Rivera9. Go to Frida Kahlo´s museum. Go to Xochimilco. Go to Teotihuacan and climb the pyramids of the sun and the moon

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