City Guide Mexico City, Mexico

Visiting Mexico City

The largest city in the world, this mammoth metropolis offers a unique blend of the old and the new. From its thousand year old buildings to its young and vibrant population, it is a fascinating destination with something to offer all who visit.

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Mexico City City Reviews

  • 90%


    Very interesting place to visit

    Although it's a huge city, it has so many interesting characters to it. There are modern and fancy part of town, laid back and artsy part of town, busy and famous party of town. you can easily spend a whole week to explore the city and the surrounding area. Teotihuacan, Frida Kahlo museum and Zocalo were the highlight of my visit. Zona Losa and La Condesa were areas with great night life.

  • 100%


    One of a kind!

    Mexico City is an incredible city with so many things to see, it would take a long time to see everything however thats what makes it great. You will never be bored in this city and although it is highly populated you will be able to see a lot of neighborhoods which wont make you feel like youre in such a huge metropolis.

  • 90%


    great city

    It´s na amazing place. Be sure to leave at least 5 days for this city...don´t miss: Frida Kalo´s house, Cathedral, Guadalupe´s church, Teotihuacan( go by your on), Museo de Antropologia (AMAZING!!!), and so much more...

    Insider Tip:Go around withou being afraid, all and all it´s a safe city and you can get a lot of culture if you pay attention to everyday life. I would definitely go back.

  • 70%


    Amazing city and friendly people

    there are quite some very good musuems there, and the antropologia is the undoubtly the best. people there are so friendly, they may change your impression to mexico that you had before you left your own country.

  • 100%


    I began my trip to South America with a small stopover in Mexico. I did not expect to love it as much as I did. The zócalo had a military display while I was there, so the amount of military personnel along with police officers made everywhere feel very safe. The metro is fantastically easy to use and very clean. I occassionally would use it at night, as a solo female, and I never felt in danger. The day trips from the city are also fantastic. I went to Teotihuacan, Taxco and Puebla.

    Insider Tip:There is a taqueria near the zocalo with open sides and silver seats. They have mango habanero salsa there. Put it on your pork taco and you will probably be dreaming about it for months after like I have.

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