City Guide Mexico City, Mexico

Visiting Mexico City

The largest city in the world, this mammoth metropolis offers a unique blend of the old and the new. From its thousand year old buildings to its young and vibrant population, it is a fascinating destination with something to offer all who visit.

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Mexico City City Reviews

  • 80%


    Great Place to go, lots of museums and interesting things to see

    Mexico City is a very good city to explore the Mexican culture, you can learn from popular, prehispanic and modern culture. Mexico city has it all. La Condesa is a very good place for night life. Coyoacan is good for an early walk and visit museums( Frida Khalo, Leon Trotsky's house ,etc) Please don't miss the National museum of anthropology. Very good food if you are willing to try spice food. and street food( just be carefull with this)

    Insider Tip:if you are planning on staying for a more than a couple of days you should buy the metro card that cost 16 pesos and you can recharge it any time you want with the amount you want( each trip cost 5 pesos), you can also use this card for the metro bus system.

  • 90%


    Relaxed and green

    I excpected a chaotic and grey city with a lot of danger - not at all! The city was very very clean, there was traffic, yes, but I would not describe it as chaotic. The metro system is very good, but metros are full, which is not that problematic ;) We had a great time there! Do not miss to do a trip to Teotihuacán to the great pyramids!

    Insider Tip:Mirador of the sky scraper "America Latina" near the Palacio de bellas artes. Climb the pyramids of Teotihuacán

  • 80%


    Amazing city!!!

    Just fantastic! The architecture and atmosphere is incredible. Great places to eat and your never far from bars and good nightlife.

    Insider Tip:After visiting many museums get out of the city to the pyramids! A bit of fresh air and large open spaces. If you have a smartphone, download Google languages app. This allows you to use your camera and hold it up to signs which are in Spanish which translates them to your chosen language of choice. Many of the museums are in Spanish and i learnt so much more from this brilliant little app!

  • 50%


    Mexico City

    Subway is excellent: very fast, easy to navigate and amazingly cheap.Even if you're not into museums and/or art you should check out the Museo de Antropologia and the Casa Azul ( Frida Kahlo museum).Before going to any big stores for anything, especially clothes, check out the many huge street markets .You can save a bundle.

  • 80%


    3 nights Mexico city

    Fantastic city with tons to do, amazing food and really cheap. Teotihuacan and Chapultepec are amazing sites well worth a visit.

    Insider Tip:The metro is fantastic way to get around and so cheap

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