Eating Out in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico city has been renowned for its delicious cuisine since as far back as the days of the Aztecs and you’ll be happy to learn that the situation has improved consistently in the centuries which have elapsed since the days of Montezuma. In days gone by the most popular restaurants were concentrated around the Zona Rosa but not any more. Now, regardless of which part of the city you are in you are sure to find restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

Those of you with notions of grandeur should head to Polanco where you will come across some amazing restored colonial haciendas. As well as delicious food the outdoor seating in quaint courtyards and gardens with regular live music really add to its appeal.

The trendy gang should try the Colonia Condesa which was once a residential area but has since been transformed into a place where the art and literary world come to dine. Cafes and bistros line the pavements serving cuisine from all over the world. The prices are quite high here, however, so bear this in mind. For a real treat it is worth blowing the budget for just one night.

Lastly, the Centro Historico is also extremely popular as quite a few of the city’s best nightclubs and bars are located in this region so you don’t have too far to wander to find somewhere to party on into the night.

As for the food which you should try in the various restaurants – well the list is simply endless. Thanks to the huge number of ethnic groups in the city, the local cuisine is a fusion of several different types the various specialties from the different regions of the country are well represented. As well as this, the past decade has seen further developments in the kitchen which have given rise to cocina mexicana moderna or modern Mexican cuisine. So, while traditional favourites such as burritos, enchiladas and fajitas have made their way to eateries around the globe there are also a number of local specialties which many will not have come across before and which you should definitely sample during your stay.

Finally you should know that the natives eat late and they take their time about it. Lunch usually begins at about 2.00pm and can go on until as late as 5.00pm while dinner isn’t eaten until 9.00 or 10.00pm.

Restaurants in Mexico City

  • Agapi Mu

    Alfonso Reyes 96, Colonia Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

    Even the Greeks have made it to this remarkable city so if you’re partial to a little souvlaki, moussaka or any other speciality check this little restaurant. As well as quality food, however, you are also treated to some traditional Greek song and dance and be prepared to join in as it’s inevitable.

  • Cafe Parnaso

    Carillo Puerto 2, Plaza Jardin Centenario, Mexico City, Mexico

    A quirky café which combines this service with being a bookstore and a record shop all rolled into one. Located in a lovely plaza in the centre of the art district this is the ultimate bohemian hangout. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner the outdoor patio is one of the prettiest eating locations in the city.

  • Sanborn's Cafe de Azulejos

    Madero 4, Centro Historico, Mexico City, Mexico

    Specialising in seafood, the location of this restaurant is what makes it so special. Housed in one of the city’s most important colonial meeting places, the ‘House of Tiles’ the surroundings make the reasonably priced food all the more appetising.

  • Banzai Sushi House

    Guillermo Gonzalez, Camarena 999, Mexico City, Mexico

    Located in the Santa Fe area of the city, this restaurant – as you’ve probably guessed – specialises in authentic Japanese cuisine. Delicious food in a warm friendly environment makes this a top choice for the sushi fans among you.

  • Kam Ling

    1a Cerrada de 5 de Mayo 14, Mexico City, Mexico

    There’s not a city in the world where you won’t find a Chinese restaurant or take away and surprise surprise, Mexico City has its fair share too. This place does a set menu for the paltry fee of US$3 so there are no excuses.

  • Restaurante Vegetariano Yug

    Varsovia 3, Zona Rosa, Mexico City, Mexico

    While many traditional and imported dishes in the country do include meat, there’s no cause for panic among all you veggies because this place. Authentic Mexican recipes using vegetarian substitutes and all you can eat buffet ensure that this is one of the top eateries of its kind in the city.

  • Duca d'Este

    Hamburgo 164, Florencia, Mexico City, Mexico

    A French style salon which treats its clientele to live mandolin music and a mouth watering selection of cakes, pastries and cookies, this is the perfect place to unwind after a day of trudging through the city looking at the sights.

  • Arroyo

    Insurgentes Sur 4003, Mexico City, Mexico

    With Mexican food being served in every restaurant in the city it’s difficult to know where to choose but you won’t be disappointed with Arroyo. Every Mexican dish you’ve ever heard of and many more that you haven’t accompanied by authentic performances by native dancers and musicians turn a simple meal into a full-blown party so be prepared.

  • Cafe de Tacuba

    Tacuba 28, Bolivar, Mexico City, Mexico

    Opened all the way back in 1912 this place has been attracting locals and visitors alike throughout the decades. Located in a 17th century building, the food is traditional Mexican and includes a wonderful selection of fresh seafood dishes. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

  • Los Danzantes

    Plaza Jardin Centenario 12, Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico

    One of the newest restaurants in the city, this place has certainly established itself over the past couple of years. With indoor and outdoor seating the food is innovative and exciting blending traditional Mexican with worldwide cuisine. And with over fifty different types of tequila on offer, you just know that a night here is going to be pretty wild.

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