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Visiting Miami

Despite somewhat humble origins, Miami has become one of the most visited and most popular locations in the US and not without reason. A unique city with a great deal to offer all its guests, it certainly won’t disappoint.

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Miami Podcasts

Miami - Art Deco capital of America

Miami, and South Beach in particular, is seen as the Art Deco capital of America. Take a stroll down Ocean Drive and you can admire building after building after building that screams out Art Deco. In this podcast, Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Jack Johnson of the Miami Design Preservation League to discover what exactly is Art Deco, what are the best examples and more.

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Miami Videos

How to save money in Miami

Find out how you can get around Miami for free, how to save money when shopping and much more with our editor Colm.

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Miami Pocket Guide

Miami Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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Miami City Reviews

  • 90%


    Sex drugs and music

    The title pretty much sums up south beach. lots of great bars to go to. i love the clevelander bar/nightclub. I love how easy it is to meet people on the street in Miami Beach lol

    Insider Tip:avoid taxis and bring coins and dollar bills for the public bus

  • 80%



    The city is very clean, it wasn't until my 3rd week that I witnessed the army of dedicated cleaners that make the city sparkle every day.

    Insider Tip:Obey street signs, parking is limited and the parking enforcement staff are relentlessly vigilant

  • 60%


    Southbeach is a great escape

    very walkable, safe.. no muggers. However it also is full of sketchy international guys just creepin around and being douchy. The nightlife is very douchey as well, it caters to the Very Hot. If you are smokin hot you will fit in.

    Insider Tip:Get ready to spend lots of $$$ because it aint cheap here. The place caters to big ballers. Cover charges for guys in the clubs is very high.. $40 some places, and very strict dress code for guys.

  • 80%


    Miami Beach review

    Miami Beach is very much a party destination. If that's what you want fantastic, though the clubs and bars will charge you an arm and a leg. There are plenty of decent restaurants and cafe's to eat at. Fair amount of cultural stuff to do too if you look around.

  • 80%


    Party In The City Where The Heat Is On

    I LOVE Miami. I have been all over Florida, the US, and the world, and Miami is one of my top favorite places to party at. The bars and clubs never close, it's wild and as a person in their young 20's, I highly enjoy it. I come back every year, I can't wait to see South Beach for NYE 2014!

    Insider Tip:Drinks are expensive compared to in the northern states. Pregaming is a must.

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