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Visiting Miami

Despite somewhat humble origins, Miami has become one of the most visited and most popular locations in the US and not without reason. A unique city with a great deal to offer all its guests, it certainly won’t disappoint.

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Miami Podcasts

Miami - Art Deco capital of America

Miami, and South Beach in particular, is seen as the Art Deco capital of America. Take a stroll down Ocean Drive and you can admire building after building after building that screams out Art Deco. In this podcast, Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty speaks to Jack Johnson of the Miami Design Preservation League to discover what exactly is Art Deco, what are the best examples and more.

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Miami Videos

How to save money in Miami

Find out how you can get around Miami for free, how to save money when shopping and much more with our editor Colm.

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Miami Pocket Guide

Miami Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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Miami City Reviews

  • 90%


    Beautiful City

    I loved the city in each and every aspect. 3 things I loved the most are: 1. Swimming with Dolphins at Seaquarium 2. South Beach (evening and night time) 3. Everglades

  • 50%


    Miami Heat

    Miami is everything you want from a coastal beach town. If I am not staying on an island and only traveling domestic, this is where I am going. Next best thing to Rio!

    Insider Tip:I don't normally burn under the sun, but the sun down here feels more intense. Unless you are using the an SPF 100, which would be a snow suit, don't stay out in the sun more than two hours. You will be burnt!

  • 90%


    Miami Beach: Relax and fun

    I stayed in Miami Beach from 21st to 26th December. I had no plans to stay on Christmas but the environment there was so much fun. South Beach and the nearby clubs are the best place to hangout.

    Insider Tip:Downtown Miami is an empty place. Instead go to Bayside Miami which is a lively place. Hit the south beach after visiting all the attractions as you would not like to go away from the beach once you are here

  • 80%


    Miami Beach

    Miami has the best beach I ever been to. The sky, the sea and the sand, everything was so beautiful.

    Insider Tip:You definitely must go to the beach

  • 60%



    Great meeting people from all over the world. Miami is a place where you find so many diverse cultures. Beautifu people with beautiful weather.

    Insider Tip:Traffic hours are not great! Avoid traveling around the city during those times.

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