Eating Out in Miami, USA

As recently as two decades ago the entire state of Florida didn’t have a particularly favourable reputation when it came to eating out. How things have changed. Today regardless of your taste or your budget, Miami has something to cater for everyone. Restaurants, cafes and bars serving a combination of American, Chinese, Mexican, Latin, Spanish, Italian and Japanese cuisine as well as anything else you can think of can be found all over the city so prepare your taste buds for a real gastronomic treat during your stay.

Seafood is among the most popular type of food in Miami and you will find an excellent selection of eateries serving the freshest of lobster, shrimp, prawn, tuna, swordfish and any other fish you can think of. As well as exclusive seafood restaurants, however, most places regardless of the particular type of cuisine which they serve will have an ample selection of fish and seafood on their menu.

As well as seafood you will find plenty of restaurants serving up wonderful meat and vegetarian dishes for breakfast, dinner and lunch. What makes it so special in Miami is the aforementioned influence of the various cultures that reside in the city. From one establishment to another you will notice the mélange of international dishes where in several cases as many as three traditional ethnic dishes are combined in one making for some pretty interesting dining.

One thing that you should note when it comes to eating out in Miami is that many of the more upmarket restaurants are pretty exclusive. Owned by a host of celebrities from the music and film industry prices are quite steep and if you do feel like treating yourself you will need to book well in advance.

Restaurants in Miami

  • The Bagel Factory

    1427 Alton Road, South Beach, Miami, USA

    Open from 5.30 in the morning until 3.00pm, this is a number one lunch spot because although South Beach is littered with bagel shops, this is certainly one of the best. Constantly packed with customers but don’t worry, most grab bagels to go so your wait won’t be too long.

  • 11th Street Diner

    11th Street & Washington Avenue, South Beach, Miami, USA

    Typical American style diner which opens twenty four hours daily. Serving the best chocolate milkshakes in the city as well as breakfast all day for as little as $3, this place is particularly popular with those party goers on their way home in the small hours but is equally as good at any time, day or night.

  • Puerto Sagua

    700 Collins Avenue, South Beach, Miami, USA

    Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily this is a typical Cuban emporium which serves a host of specialties from the homeland. Large portions at reasonable prices make this place a firm favourite among visitors to South Beach.

  • Front Porch Cafe

    1418 Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami, USA

    Favoured particularly by locals this is an excellent place to stock up for the day as the breakfasts and lunches are legendary. Ensure you work up an appetite before you check it out, however, as you need to be pretty hungry to eat all you get on your plate – and it is a shame to waste such delicious cuisine.

  • Macarena

    1334 Washington Avenue, South Beach, Miami, USA

    An authentic Spanish restaurant complete with traditional food, drink and entertainment - there’s live flamenco shows every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – this place is constantly alive and kicking. Reservations are recommended at the weekend and after 10.00pm most nights.

  • Toni's Sushi

    1208 Washington Avenue, South Beach, Miami, USA

    Open between 6.00pm and midnight from Sunday to Thursday and until 1.00am at the weekends, reservations are recommended for this institution. One of the first restaurants on the avenue which is not home to so many more, this is traditional Japanese fare at its very best, particularly the seafood dishes so give them a try.

  • El Rancho Grande

    1626 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami, USA

    Open for lunch and dinner this place, in case you didn’t guess from the name, is as Mexican as they come. So, if it’s tortillas, tacos and tequila you’re after you’ve come to the right place.

  • Da Leo Trattoria

    819 Lincoln Road, South Beach, Miami, USA

    Italian is always a safe and tasty option and this place is no exception. Located in Lincoln Road Mall with lots of outdoor seating it is extremely popular, particularly the Beef Carpaccio, but service is fast and efficient and any wait is certainly justified once the food arrives.

  • Van Dyke Cafe

    846 Lincoln Road, South Beach, Miami, USA

    Serving typical American cuisine in a café which looks like it has been transported from Europe this is a quirky and popular establishment where the emphasis is on simplicity. Sandwiches, soups, and salads as well as an ever popular all day breakfast, this place will fill you for the day or the night.

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