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Visiting Milan

Said to be of Celtic origin, Milan has just as much culture and history as Italy's capital but without the emphasis. It is both the fashion and economic capital of Italy. Having been conquered by the Romans in 222BC, both cultures have left their mark on the city.

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Milan Pocket Guide

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Milan City Reviews

  • 80%


    Milan surpise

    I didn't know much about Milan before I visited but it has an excellent range of things to do on a budget if you're travelling on a low amount of money or inter railing. If the weather is nice I recommend walking as everything is an easy distance away and it's the best way to take in the city. Check out markets for good deals on snacks and save your money for visiting certain places. The Duomo can be appreciated from outside just as well if you don't have time to queue, and relax in a park too!

    Insider Tip:Galleria Emmanuele II contains the best Gelataria, try their cinnamon gelato - you won't be disappointed!

  • 60%


    Worth a day trip but nothing more

    Milan is worth a quick stop in; climbing up the Duamo is fun! However, if you are limited on time, or are picking a city to travel to for vacation, unless you are very much into shopping and fashion, I would pick elsewhere. If Italy is the county you want to visit, I suggest either Venice for a tranquil and beautiful holiday or Rome for the history and sightseeing.

    Insider Tip:Buy the Milano sightseeing card if you are there for a couple of days, but dont forget to download uber for your free taxi ride. Try to take a trip to Lake Como if you can. There are numerous tours that will take you there from Milan, else there are direct trains if you want to do it on your own. If its a nice day, its worth taking the slow (2 hour) boat to the island of Bellagio. You won't regret it!

  • 90%


    Must visit

    Awesome city with such an interesting history. So much to see. Great food, excellent public trapsort network

    Insider Tip:Go on a free tour at the begging of the journey. It starts at 10am from the Duomo square. It will give you a nice introduction to the city, places to eat, things to see. The tour runs from Tuesday till Sunday.

  • 80%


    Milan - Fashion Capital of Italy

    Milan is a beautiful city and should be a must visit for anybody heading out to Italy. The biggest attraction of this city is just to walk around the different places, try some of the food, party, chill out and relax.

    Insider Tip:Try the Pizzeria Spontini - close to the Duomo. I really loved their large single slices of Pizza. Also the gelato on the way to the riverfront. There are several shops and most should be very good.

  • 90%


    THE BEST!!!

    ask the staff for any kind of tip and you'll get everything you need. We caught a few "extra" jaunts when we found "extra" time on our hands before we left, and were led to the castle in Milan that ended up being one of our highlights!

    Insider Tip:Don't forget the hammocks on the roof!!! And the wonderful cafe lattes served in the restaurant around the corner toward the bus station!

Italy: Itinerary

Forgotten by too many travellers when visiting Italy as it is more commonly known for its fashion and rather than its culture, Milan is somewhere you should stick on your itinerary. Granted, it can be slightly more brazen than other Italian cities, but it also has some breathtaking architecture and intriguing museums.

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