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Visiting Milan

Said to be of Celtic origin, Milan has just as much culture and history as Italy's capital but without the emphasis. It is both the fashion and economic capital of Italy. Having been conquered by the Romans in 222BC, both cultures have left their mark on the city.

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Milan Pocket Guide

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Milan City Reviews

  • 80%


    Nice place

    The city is interesting, although it has not a lot of things to do. It is cool to chill out and visit some churches. Don't miss 'The Last Supper'

    Insider Tip:Book your tips for 'The Last Supper' in advance!

  • 40%


    It looks like a really fancy city, everything looks beautiful, but a little bit cold. We couldn't find real party locations, just places to get together with people, but it's important to get out early, because they have happy hours, and after 23 and 24 everything starts to die, and prices get really expensive. As it is a big city, there is need to walk and travel a lot, there is not a geographical centre where to find everything. The main square is really beautiful, with the Duomo.

    Insider Tip:To go out drinking, Porta Genova is a good location, you can get shots for 1 or 2 euros and drinks for 4 euros. But in that area there are also expensive bars. Go right when going out of the metro. Don't miss visiting Luini, it is a backery with cheap traditional sweet and salty fast food. You will find it on a street on the left of the Duomo when looking at it. It is easily recognisable for the long queau there is always in the door.

  • 60%



    milan is really fashionable, but since I prefer the historical sightseeings, I fell just okay about this city.

  • 50%


    Duomo and Partying - that is all.

    Lots of thieves. Only go to Milan if you wanna explore the weekend nightlife, other than that, avoid.

    Insider Tip:Watch out for the people standing next to ticket machines in the metro. They are thieves. Use another machine if possible, avoid them at all costs, use only coins DO NOT GET YOUR WALLET OUT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES NEAR THE MACHINES.

  • 20%


    Milan, the dull city.

    Didn't like Milan's atmosphere. Kind of Racism towards Asians. You should stop saying "Ni Hao~" to every Asians. There so many other countries in Asia. Nothing to enjoy in Milan, in contrast to Florence. Duomo, and the Last supper, Brera Gallery.. was all. Gloomy city, I guess.

Italy: Itinerary

Forgotten by too many travellers when visiting Italy as it is more commonly known for its fashion and rather than its culture, Milan is somewhere you should stick on your itinerary. Granted, it can be slightly more brazen than other Italian cities, but it also has some breathtaking architecture and intriguing museums.

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