Eating Out in Milan, Italy

Milan Eating Out

Going to a restaurant is an occasion for Italians. Restaurants are always packed and getting a table can be tricky, but this is Italy, after all, so you won’t find yourself looking for a table for too long in Milan.

Pizza and pasta, unsurprisingly, are the best meals served in restaurants. They are the country’s native dishes and, even though some tend to think that they could make their own pasta just as well, you haven’t tasted pasta or pizza properly until you have tasted it in Italy. With so many different cultures and nationalities sauntering in and out of the city, you can be rest assured that restaurants dishing out Italy’s national cuisine are of the highest quality.

Large fashion and commercial industries in Milan mean that those visiting don’t always want to eat Italian food. International restaurants are generally of a higher quality and standard here than any other Italian city. Eating Chinese, Thai or any other international cuisine around Italy can sometimes be a bit risky. If you are sick of polishing off pasta and feel somewhat apprehensive about going to an Indian in Milan, don’t worry. Non-Italian restaurants here are the best in the country.

For the widest choice of restaurants venture towards the Navigli or Garibaldi areas of the city. There are loads of restaurants and bars here meaning you can go straight from the restaurant to the pub. Very convenient. The side streets along Corso Buenos Aires also have many restaurants to choose from.

Your overall bill at the end of the night can sometimes be pricy. Pizza and pasta dishes range from €5-€10. Meat can be more expensive. Drinking wine can hike up restaurant bills so steer clear if you are on a tight budget. If drinking water will suffice make sure to ask for tap water (aqua al roubinetto). Also, don’t forget to check your bill for service charges. Restaurants sometimes put a €0.50c to €4 service charge per person on the bill. If they do, it isn't necessary to tip, making the night that little bit more reasonable.

Restaurants in Milan

  • La Colubrina

    Via Felice Casati, 5, Milan, Italy

    Thin-crusted pizzas are placed in front of you in return for €5 or more. Pasta dishes cost in and around the same.

    Open nightly from 7pm-11.30pm.

  • Al Tempio d'Oro

    Via delle Leghe 23, Milan, Italy

    Great value restaurant serving both national and international meals with a very relaxed atmosphere. Situated close to the train station.
    Average meals €5-€15.

  • La Magolfa

    Via Magolfa 15, Milan, Italy

    One of Milan's best value pizza joints situated in a building which was previously a country farmhouse. Situated in the southern part of Milan so eating here is a good way to see some of the city's outskirts.

  • Giardino di Giada

    Via Palazzo, Reale 5, Milan, Italy

    One of the very first Chinese restaurants in Milan serving good quality food at affordable prices.

  • Milan Self

    Via Barrachini 9, Milan, Italy

    Nice self-service eaterie for pastas or salads in the afternoon. Quite cheap with salads from €3 to pastas costing €4.

  • Ristorante Di Gennaro

    Via Santa Radegonda 14, Milan, Italy

    Try out pizza in one of the first pizzerias to open in Milan. Once you taste the pizzas here you will see that they have been making pizzas for generations.

  • Le Biciclette

    Via Torti, Navigli, Milan, Italy

    Located just off Conca del Navigilo, this chic bar is a great place to start a night out. Each evening at 6pm over twenty plates packed with everything from nachos to sausages are placed along its marble counter. Thankfully it isn't until 9pm that they are removed, by which time you should be full as a tank.

    Open daily from 12 noon-2am.

  • Bar Brera

    Via Brera 23, Brera, Milan, Italy

    Something of a Milanese institution, Bar Brera in the charming Brera district is one of the city's best known aperitivo bars. Its wooden décor is particularly engaging, making it difficult to leave after one or two glasses of wine and aperitivo snacks from the impressive buffet.

    Open daily from 9am-2am.

  • Al Porto

    Piazzale Generale Cantore, Milan, Italy

    This seafood restaurant is a very relaxing place to eat with seating in a garden room.

  • La Banque

    Via Bassano Porrone 6, Milan, Italy

    Fast and efficient restaurant with an Italian menu. If you feel like treating yourself go for the chef's lobster which is extremely good.

  • Grand'Italia

    Via Palermo 5, Milan, Italy

    Enjoy pizzas as they are cooked the way they are meant to be - in a wood buring oven.

  • 10 Corso Como Café

    Corso Como 10, Milan, Italy

    Not only are the (very tasty) Italian and international meals served here at reasonable prices, the restaurant is located beside an art gallery, music room, boutique and a bookstore. Definitely worth a look.

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