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Milan Entertainment

It’s the centre for Italy’s financial, commercial and fashion industries. So it isn’t surprising that Milan’s natives take a lot of pride in their appearance. After putting so much effort into how they look, they like strutting their stuff. What better time to do than at night?

Milan does have the exclusive bars and clubs that you’d expect, but as Italy’s second city, it also has bars and clubs to suit everyone’s tastes.

If it’s a bar you are looking for, try and find one with a happy hour. This phenomenon has lifted off in Milan and makes going out in Italy’s most fashionable city affordable and more fun than expected. The only disadvantages with happy hours are that going out that early can mean your night starts very early and you mightn’t have the stamina to last until the clubs.

Clubs are hard to find here. You have to explore different areas to find a club that isn’t too pretentious. Naturally, you may come across clubs where the bouncers will stop you from entering, but as always keep on searching and you should find just what you are looking for.

The best place to explore Milan’s nightlife is around the Navigli district just south of the city centre. Here there are all types of bars, nightclubs and cafés to choose from. And if you feel like checking out what Italy’s live bands sound like, there are a selection of bars in the area with live bands.

One part of the city always connected to Milan’s nightlife is Corso Como in Girabaldi, Milan's other main area for letting your hair down. Even though it is the area where most of the top hotels, designer clothes shops, bars and clubs are located, there are clubs there which you will be able to wander into and mingle with some of Milan’s beautiful people. Just leave the trainers at home and take five minutes to iron your top and jeans and you’ll be fine.

Entertainments in Milan

  • Luca & Andrea

    Alzaia Naviglio Grande 34, Navigli, Milan, Italy

    If a quiet glass of wine is all you're yearning, and not a tray full of beers, Luca & Andrea is the perfect spot. Friendly staff will quiz you to see what type of wine tickles your fancy before bringing it to your table.

    Open daily from 12 noon-2am.

  • Loola Paloose

    Corso Como, Milan, Italy

    Situated in one of the city's most exclusive areas when it comes to nightlife, this bar/club has more to than high fashion and models. Keep an eye out for the barmen's acrobatics behind the counter.

  • Club Toqueville

    Corso Como, Milan, Italy

    Just up the road from Hollywood, this club doesn't get is packed but is just as trendy. All the televisions on the walls can be distracting though. Dancing spills out on to the streets during the summer which is great fun.

    Open Tues-Sun 8pm-late; admission €10-€15.

  • Bodeguita del Medio

    Viale Col di Lana, Milan, Italy

    This bar is quieter to most of the ones you will come across in Milan but there is a good atmosphere. Cuban singers entertain the larger crowds at the weekend.

  • Antica Birreria di Porta Nuova

    Via Solferino 56, Garibaldi, Milan, Italy

    An old bar that brews its own beer. Excellent happy hour, that actually runs for three (6pm-9pm). There are two floors here, with a basement downstairs serving various pastas.

  • Bar Magenta

    Via Carducci, Milan, Italy

    Twenties-style decorated bar that can get extremely busy at the weekends. Serves until the early hours of the morning. Serves food during the day too.

  • El Tumbun de San Marc

    Via San Marco 20, Milan, Italy

    Bar located close to the Brera Palace that is popular with tourists. Definitely worth a visit on Mondays when happy hour runs from 6pm-midnight.

    Closed on Sundays.

  • Naviglio Blues

    Via Ascanio Sforzo, Milan, Italy

    Great bar for catching live bands. Most outfits frequenting this venue play mostly blues and rock music.

    Open 1pm-late.

  • Le Scimmie

    Viale Card, Milan, Italy

    Live music venue playing host to cover bands travelling through Europe to a totally mixed crowd.

    Open daily 10.30pm-4am; admission €5-€10.

  • Maharaja Fashion Café

    Viale Gorizia 8, Milan, Italy

    Don't let the name deceive you – this bar isn’t really a café, nor is it full of people from Milan’s fashion industry. Primarily, this is a restaurant serving top quality Indian food. At night time the emphasis turns to the bar where a very lively atmosphere is created by the trendy crowd.

    Closed on Mondays.

  • Spazio Movida

    Via Ascanio Sforza 41, Navigli, Milan, Italy

    If the taste of beer is beginning to get tiresome and you need something to pep you up somewhat, check out this bar. Cocktails on its extensive menu start at €6. If this is a little pricey, the pints of German beer for €4 will suit. One thing that everyone should like are the friendly staff and laid-back tunes.

    Open nightly from 6pm-2am.

  • Hollywood

    Corso Como 15, Milan, Italy

    Full of models during the model season (which is anytime really), this club is full of Milan's elite. Playing all types of music from commercial to house, this club should be paid a visit if you get the chance.

    Open Thurs-Sun 10pm-3am; admission €10-€15.

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