Transport in Milan, Italy

Milan Transport

Getting There

By air: The city’s main airport Malpensa is situated 50km from the city. A bus service leaving every 20 minutes between 5.20am-10.30pm connects the airport to Stazione Centrale and costs €6-€7 approx. The bus takes one hour. The Malpensa Express train leaves every 30 minutes between 6.30am-1.30am and takes 40 minutes.

Milan’s other airport is Linate and is only 7km from the city centre. Airport buses connect the airport with Piazza Luigi di Savoia on the east side of Stazione Centrale. It’s a twenty minute journey and buses leave every twenty minutes between 5.40am-7pm and then every 30 minutes between 7pm-9pm. Milan’s suburban bus service run by ATM serves Linate Airport every ten minutes between 5.30am-midnight. This journey won’t cost more than €1.

By train: The majority of domestic and international trains pull into Stazione Centrale. This station is served by Milan’s metro station so getting to the city centre is quite easy using the MM2 and MM3 lines.

By bus: Buses arrive into Piazza Castello which is in front of the Castello Sforzesco.

Getting Around

By metro: Milan’s metro system is the easiest to use and also the most efficient way to get around the city. 3 lines (MM1, MM2 and MM3) operate through the city between 6am-12am. Tickets are bought at most newsstands and bars. A standard single ticket for €1 can be used over 75 minutes as many times as you want on a bus or tram, but only once on the subway.

By bus or tram: Buses and trams operate through more of the city than the metro. There will be instances where the bus or tram will be the only way to get to your destination.

By taxi: The best ways to get taxis are by either ringing one or getting one at one of the city’s taxi ranks found at different places around the city. Hailing them on the street isn’t as easy as other European cities.

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