City Guide Moscow, Russia

Visiting Moscow

Moscow has changed more radically in the last half decade than over the previous half century.

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Moscow City Reviews

  • 30%


    Moscow, the most serious town I've ever been too

    Moscow is very expensive, and the people seem cold and harsh. The streets are confusing and difficult to navigate. It does not represent the rest of Russia, it's its own microcosm for oligarchs.

    Insider Tip:Save your money and visit Saint Petersburg (or any other Russian town) instead!

  • 70%


    Moscow - cold but with the occasional thaw

    There is so much to see in Moscow, from red square to the many churches or stores, or just wandering Gorky Park. Transport on the metro makes getting around the city. The people can be quite cold (like the weather) but if you take the time to make friends they are exceptionally warm and friendly. The range of food is pretty limited with good international cuisine being difficult to find. We found some of the younger people to be more easy to get to know, and happy to share their views on things.

    Insider Tip:If the weather is good, its nice to wander Gorky Park. There was a cafe there that made fantastic coffee and strudels.

  • 80%


    An American in Moscow

    I loved Moscow! The people were amazing and the city was too. I fell in love with the place instantly. I can't believe North Americans are afraid of going. I went as a solo female traveler and had one of the best journeys there of my life. I would recommend you acquaint yourself of the Metro before travel via the intranet and travel sites as it was one of the most difficult systems I had ever navigated. I finally 'got it' my last day there and had that wonderful 'Ah Ha!' moment. Will go again!

    Insider Tip:If you are from North America try to buy all train, airplane and event (concert, ballet, museum etc) tickets before leaving. I found some trouble in making purchases and who wants the glitches while on vacation?

  • 80%



    Moscow is a nice and interesting city with a lot of history and culture. Beside the standard Red Square and the Kremlin it is worth it to visit some of the old metro stations. And the in the O2 bar you have a nice view over the red square.

    Insider Tip:- Metro stations - O2- bar

  • 60%


    Moscow is a lovely city, but the locals aren't too friendly

    Moscow has excellent architecture, and is decently priced. Unfortunately the city (and the country) do not have a great cuisine, but if you look hard enough you can find some good food. The locals don't seem all that open to tourists engaging them, and all in all felt a bit frosty. However it is a lovely city to walk round.

    Insider Tip:I'd recommend the river tour! It's a great way to see the city on a nice day. Also if you want to go to bars you may need to be wearing smart clothes, or look obviously rich.

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