City Guide Moscow, Russia

Visiting Moscow

Moscow has changed more radically in the last half decade than over the previous half century.

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Moscow City Reviews

  • 60%


    Moscow made easy

    If you need to use public transport, get a card with multiple trips on it to save yourself the hassle of paying for each trip. Estimate how many times you will use it and you can always add more later if needed. Try to make a friend here before you come so they can show you around. Learn some basic phrases like "Hello," "Excuse me," "Thank you," etc. This city felt very safe but can be hard to navigate on your own. Pay attention to street signs and look to police to help guide you.

    Insider Tip:Stay within walking distance from the Red Square and do not buy fast food. It may be cheap in America but it is expensive here. You are better off enjoying some more traditional meals that are less expensive or the same price. Trust me- Russian food is good. Also, bring cash and convert it. Many places it is difficult to use a card so do not make more trouble for yourself. Also, only half the people I came into contact with spoke English. Try to know exactly where you need to go and do not rely on asking lo

  • 80%


    Explanation of my ratings to the city

    I've rated the items 'Shopping' and 'Chilling out' as average because I didn't do that in Moscow or/and I didn't understand what they mean. All the items that I rated as excellent I would rate them as something between average and excellent (i.e., good) if this option was available to me.

  • 60%


    Moscow the Capital

    It depends what you looking for in this city and how long you are here. For sight seeing lovers, 2 or 3 days might be more than enough.

    Insider Tip:It would be better if you can carry or install translation for the Russian. English is still poor in this country. Plus you might want to learn a bit on how to pronounce the Cyrillic. It helps a lot.

  • 100%


    Moscow never sleeps

    Was lucky to have great weather. Moscow is .... overwelming! A metropool like no other city. Interesting 24 hours a day

    Insider Tip:Pusking museum!

  • 80%


    A very interesting place to visit.

    In my first time at Moscow, I was so excited to know this magnific place. Large streets, historical buildings and the famous places are an invititation to people from another countries to see this beautiful city. The only great difficult is about the language. Most part of russians don't speak and understand english, the metro stations has no english signals, so it's gonna be confuse, but nothing that a map and a guide tour could be help. It worth to visit Moscow and see how many interesting places there ar

    Insider Tip:Everything ok. The only great difficult is about the language. A dictionary and translator may be helpful to travellers from outside Russia. And be prepared, because the winter in Russia is too strong. I love cold, had no problems with it. But the temperatures are freezing and the snow is frequently in this season. The ground keeps too dirty and slippery. I felt on the street, so take careful.

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