City Guide Moscow, Russia

Visiting Moscow

Moscow has changed more radically in the last half decade than over the previous half century.

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Moscow City Reviews

  • 80%


    A very interesting place to visit.

    In my first time at Moscow, I was so excited to know this magnific place. Large streets, historical buildings and the famous places are an invititation to people from another countries to see this beautiful city. The only great difficult is about the language. Most part of russians don't speak and understand english, the metro stations has no english signals, so it's gonna be confuse, but nothing that a map and a guide tour could be help. It worth to visit Moscow and see how many interesting places there ar

    Insider Tip:Everything ok. The only great difficult is about the language. A dictionary and translator may be helpful to travellers from outside Russia. And be prepared, because the winter in Russia is too strong. I love cold, had no problems with it. But the temperatures are freezing and the snow is frequently in this season. The ground keeps too dirty and slippery. I felt on the street, so take careful.

  • 60%


    Fell in love with Moscow

    Moscow is such a rich and alive city. I loved it. It's very different from any other european city you may visit, and just being there, walking in the Red Square, getting lost on its beautiful streets, is an amazing experience. I strongly recommend visiting Moscow.

    Insider Tip:Not many people speak english (or spanish, or french, or italian), and not many signs are understandable also. Be prepared to play charades! If you need to buy something, DO NOT wait until being in Moscow to do it. I left home and decided to buy walking boots there, and it was really really difficult finding shoes that didn't cost a fortune or were designer ones.

  • 100%


    To Moscow with Love (in the Winter)

    My first trip to Russia was in the winter. Here in Moscow the city is picturesque and enchanting in the winter. Local colours and culture make this a city a must. For anbody who likes architecture, art, and Russian history this city has got it all.

    Insider Tip:For anybody who does not know Russian or read the Russian alphabet, this may be a problem when it comes to speaking with people about what you want or getting around. If you travel in the winter, make sure you bring warm clothes, a comfortable winter jacket, a scarf against cold winds, a hat to cover not just your head but also your ears and last gloves. The temperature here can drop below 10. If you visit the Kremlin, it can get very cold and windy up there as it is located on an altitude.

  • 80%


    Moscow: Что делать?

    Moscow should be on any serious traveler's short list. Regardless of one's historical interest, be it ancient or modern, this gem of a city has offerings for everyone, excellent public transportation, great dining, and plenty of leisure activities. Sure, it is crammed with tourists, but the majority of them are Russian, so a genuine Russian experience is guaranteed. Well worth any visa hassle.

    Insider Tip:Don't think that three days will do the city justice.

  • 100%


    Moscow trip

    Excelent location 5 minutes from Red Square. Close to metro too. Lovely people running a place to stay in their own lovely place, you get a real homely experience that should not be missed. Very very helpful, emailed me great instructions to find the place. (its on the main road but the entrance is around the back). Thanks very much I will definitely stay there next time.

    Insider Tip:Moscow is great!

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