About Mossel Bay, South Africa

Mossel Bay (or Mosselbaai as it’s known in Afrikaans) is a seaside town on South Africa’s southern coast. It is a popular stop along the well-travelled Garden Route thanks to a first-rate selection of activities and attractions.

Here you’ll be able to spot great white sharks and go surfing (preferably not at the same time), while also taking some time to enjoy the town’s numerous historical and cultural attractions. These include the Dias Museum Complex, the Cape St. Blaise Lighthouse and more.

Sun worshippers will revel in the chance to lay back and soak up some sun on Mossel Bay’s beautiful beaches including Santos Beach and Dias Beach. Those looking to try something a little more active can take on the hiking trail at the Point which will lead them past the Cape St. Blaise Cave. Along the trail you’ll be rewarded with some incredibly stunning views of the ocean below and out over the bay.

Mossel Bay, whose population is now approaching 100,000 people, has an incredibly long history. Artefacts dating back thousands of years have been discovered in the Cape St. Blaise Cave. This town is also the spot where famous Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias landed in 1488.

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