City Guide Mumbai, India

Visiting Mumbai

Known as Bombay until 1996, Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts. The country’s financial centre, over 40% of its population live in slums. All of this somehow adds to the city’s culture, however, and a visit to it will remain with you for a long time.

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Mumbai City Reviews

  • 60%


    Busy crazy city

    Loved how the tuk tuk always runs on meter, unlike Delhi tuk tuk which are just robbers and never have a meter.

    Insider Tip:Opt for public transport like train or tuk tuk.

  • 70%


    One day in Mumbai

    We only had a day in Mumbai as we were flying out of India from there, thank goodness. Whilst it was friendlier than places we visited in the west and east of the country I wouldn't rush back. We decided to go and watch a Bollywood movie there and despite not understanding a word of it would recommend it to anyone else passing through.

    Insider Tip:Don't be bullied by aggressive haggling locals. Stand your ground. If you're not a millionaire then don't spend like one.

  • 90%


    Indeed, the city which never sleeps!

    I have heard and read so much about Mumbai that I had to visit it and it didn't disappoint me. Extremely crowded but friendly people. I had to just stand outside with a city map in my hand and everyone from auto guys to passer by's stopped and offered me tips on which places to visit and the best ways to reach there. Safe, friendly and lively- I enjoyed my stay here and would love to visit it again.

    Insider Tip:Buy a meter card for autos and taxis, available in any local shop. You wont get duped!

  • 80%


    Busy, busy, busy

    Mumbai is definately a busy place. From the time I arrived until I left there was always something to do. The people are friendly and amazed by white westeners. There is lots to see and do. The smells take a bit of getting use to.

  • 80%


    Mumbai Madness

    This was my first stop in India. I stayed in the lower part of town which is very developed and I felt quite western in appearance and feel. I headed out to the north and found much mayhem and culture. It was fun walking around the baazars taking in the sights and smells!

    Insider Tip:Hang out with the locals on the west bay to watch sunset.

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