Eating Out in Munich, Germany

Munich Eating Out

Something that is very hard to shake off in Munich is an appetite. Eating and drinking is a popular past time here and as a result, if you want to act like a local, you’ll find yourself gorging time after time again.

Meat features heavily in most meals. In the morning the average Bavarian enjoy ‘weisswurst’, a white veal sausage served with some breed of bread. Another speciality that won’t have vegetarians licking their lips is ‘leberkassemme’, a spicy meatloaf cut into very large slices and served with a generous splodge of mustard.

Viktalienmarkt, a square at the end of Marienplatz, is a large food market that has another use as a beer garden during summer months. Virtually every business here, apart from the bar in the middle of the beer garden, sells food making it a great place to try local delicacies.

Even though you mightn’t find bargains in the more central ones, traditional beer halls serve lots of traditional fare and means you can enjoy your meal while absorbing the atmosphere. For quick snacks consult a pretzel stands. They can be found on most city centre streets.

Restaurants in Munich

  • Shida

    Klenzestrasse 32, Gärtnerplatviertel, Munich, Germany

    Thai restaurant serving top quality food. The restaurant itself is a little on the small side so make you book a table in advance.

  • Straubinger Hof

    Blumenstrasse 5, Altstadt, Munich, Germany

    Extremely popular restaurant serving national cuisine. The menu has a lot to choose from so you you should find something you will like. Very good value also.

  • Planet Hollywood

    Platzl 1, Munich, Germany

    Food in the Munich branch of this American chain isn't as expensive as you would think. Take your pick from a very American menu. The great thing about eating here is that all the movie memorabilia around the restaurant makes the whole evening that little bit more interesting.

  • Fraunhofer

    Fraunhoferstrasse 9, Central Munich, Munich, Germany

    If you're looking for a restaurant with a warm atmosphere and German food look no further. Meals are reasonably priced and the restaurant is decorated Bavarian-style.

  • La Vecchia Masseria

    Mathildenstrasse 3, Ludwigsvorstadt, Munich, Germany

    This Italian restaurant serves pasta dishes from €5 and you can get a three course meal for about €20. Whats even better is that the food is excellent so you should do your best to pay a visit, especially during the summer as there is even a beer garden here. What more could you ask for?

  • Mensas

    Leopoldstrasse 13, Arcisstrasse 17, Technical Univ., Munich, Germany

    Budget restaurant with a varied menu. Only problem is that is only for students so make sure and bring your student card with you, if you have one.

    Open 11am-2pm Mon-Thurs and 11am-1.45pm Fri.

  • Adria

    Leopoldstrasse 19, Munich, Germany

    Popular late-night Italian restaurant with good food at reasonable prices.

  • Bodega Dali

    Tengstrasse 6, Schwabing, Munich, Germany

    Best Spanish restaurant place in town, at lower-than-average Munich prices.

  • Buxs

    Frauenstrasse 9, Munich, Germany

    Striclty vegetarian restaurant with a wide array of salads to choose from to compensate for the lack of meat.

    Open 11am-8.30pm Mon-Fri and 11am-3.30pm Sat.

  • Haxnbauer

    Munzstrasse 6, Munich, Germany

    If you feel like sampling some local food drop in here. Specializes in the delicious roasted pork knuckles that are such a high point of German cuisine. The same dish made with lamb is just as tasty.

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