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With a population of just over one million people, Naples is Italy’s third largest city. Situated in the southern half of the country, this is the capital of Campania and the Naples Province. Due to its location on the Bay of Naples, which is overlooked by Mount Vesuvius, it is a great city to visit.

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Naples by Neapolitans

Colm speaks to Luca, Carla and Gemma from Hostel of the Sun in Naples to ask them if their city is as dangerous as people say it is, where you will find the city’s best pizza, and what you shouldn’t miss there if you are planning a trip to the southern Italian city.

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Naples Pocket Guide

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Naples City Reviews

  • 70%


    Quite danerous but still beautiful city

    Well of course this is the city I could feel the danger more the Northern part of Italy. However, Naples is still the city where people live. Just take a little bit more about your stuff and be aware of pick pocket or motocycle. Then you will be able to have good memories in this city. Walk around the city and the cost, visit historical sites, and do not miss all the delicioius pizza!

  • 90%


    Naples is swell

    Do not believe what people tell you about Naples being dirty and dangerous. It is beautiful. There are buildings of such grandeur that if you saw it on a postcard, you would assume it was somewhere more stereotypically grand, like Rome.

    Insider Tip:Do the walking tour of Pompeii. It will make your visit more meaningful.

  • 90%


    Make Napoli a Stop While You're In Italia

    Prior to going to Napoli everyone told me that I was crazy for going because it was dangerous. People told me to keep my belongings close to me at all times etc. etc. I personally felt safe in Napoli and used my regular precautions while traveling. I loved that the city was what some people would call chaotic. It was loud and lively. The food is great! There's so much to see and you can easily take public transpor to places like Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. You can also go to islands from there

    Insider Tip:Transportation is cheap, but look into getting weekly passes or day passes.

  • 90%



    Loved this city! It was not what I expected. I had just spent time in Vienna, Prague, Paris and Budapest so the dirtiness of Naples was a shock but this atmosphere gives it it's own culture and makes the place feel alive and not just like a tourist destination. Travelled to Herculaneum and Pompeii as well as climbing Vesuvius - all of which are easy to get to from Naples. The food was so cheap and I didn't get hit by a scooter so I think I did well.

    Insider Tip:See some live music in the evening because it's amazing!

  • 80%


    Naples - an unpolished diamond

    I really enjoyed my time in Naples, I thought booking 4 nights there would be too much, but it's easily spent. Pompeii (wear comfortable shoes), boat trip to Capri, (slightly overpriced, shop around), free walking tour which I highly reccomend as it gave us a really different view of Naples and the underground tunnells, all really interesting. Naples comes with a bit of a bad name, but have your wits about you and you'll be just fine.

    Insider Tip:The churches may not look like much from the outside, but are stunning inside.

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