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Visiting Naples

With a population of just over one million people, Naples is Italy’s third largest city. Situated in the southern half of the country, this is the capital of Campania and the Naples Province. Due to its location on the Bay of Naples, which is overlooked by Mount Vesuvius, it is a great city to visit.

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Naples by Neapolitans

Colm speaks to Luca, Carla and Gemma from Hostel of the Sun in Naples to ask them if their city is as dangerous as people say it is, where you will find the city’s best pizza, and what you shouldn’t miss there if you are planning a trip to the southern Italian city.

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Naples Pocket Guide

Naples Pocket Guide

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Naples City Reviews

  • 80%


    Naples - Beauty amidst Chaos

    Naples is a wonderful city full of authenticity, history and character once you are able to see through the exterior chaos. And did I mention that the pizza is amazing..

    Insider Tip:Ginos Pizza is definitely worth the wait

  • 90%


    Naples, who knew?

    Naples is a great town full of rich history! Please do not let stereotypes keep you from visiting this beautiful city!

    Insider Tip:Be prepared to walk! The metro does not run through most of city central but they are working on that. Buy the Arte Campania card if you are staying two to three days. It covers transportation and entry into lots of historical sites and museums.

  • 40%


    Naples, only for the surrounding treasures.

    There's no denying that Naples/Napoli is really not a nice place. It is dangerous, plagued with poverty, crime, graffiti, run down, stinks of urine and seems completely unloved. Certainly not a place worth visiting if it wasn't for the magnificent ancient history which surrounds it.

    Insider Tip:Only stay long enough to see the sites, then find somewhere nicer.

  • 90%


    FOOD, Food Food!!!

    Go to Starita Pizzeria. Best pizzeria in the world. The others are tourist traps. (but they are good too)

    Insider Tip:Horseback ride up the mountain, Pompei trip, and eat lots of local food.

  • 60%



    Honestly, one of the dirtiest citites Ive ever visited. Youre better off doing day trips out of there so you dont have to spend so much time there.

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