Eating Out in Naples, Italy

Naples Eating Out

Two of Italy’s most famous culinary delights originated in Naples, or just south it – pizza was famously invented in the southern Italian city, and pasta first appeared in Grangnano, just south of Naples. As a result there are many places who cash in on being the ‘place where pizza was born’, but there are also restaurants that offer the best pizza you will find anywhere in the world.

To help you pick a restaurant that offers authentic pizza, look for the ‘Vera Pizza’ sign. They take their pizza seriously here, and as a result you must earn this sign. If you do, it means the pizza you serve is authentic, Neapolitan pizza. Many can be found around Centro Storico, while there are others in Mercato, not far from the train station.

Like in all Italian cities, there are different types of eateries. First you have the self-explanatory ‘pizzerias’, then you have ‘trattorias’ and ‘osterias’ which are informal restaurants, usually family-run, and finally you have ‘ristorantes’ which are the most formal type.

The good news for the budget traveller is that you can eat out every night for pittance. Pizzas can cost as little as €2.50. The only thing is you may need to spend that saved money on new shorts. They can cause waists to expand somewhat.

Restaurants in Naples

  • Gelateria della Scimmia

    Piazza Carità 4, Naples, Italy

    Due to its southerly location, it can get quite hot in Naples, making an ice-cream the perfect remedy when you begin to get too warm. There are 'gelaterie' all over the city, but this one off the bustling Via Toledo is the best and most famous in the city.

    Open daily from 8.30am-11pm (until midnight Fri & Sat).

  • A Taverna do Ré

    Via Fondo Supportico di Separazione, Piazza Municp, Naples, Italy

    Given the fact that this osteria/pizzeria enjoys a location across from Castel Nuovo, you would expect its prices to be higher. But €10 here will get you a carafe of wine and pizza or pasta in extremely pleasant surroundings.

    Open daily from 12.30pm-midnight.

  • Da Michele

    Via Cesare Sersale 1, Naples, Italy

    Of all the pizzerias in Naples, and there are many, Da Michele is arguably the city's best known. Deciding what pizza you want won't take long; there are only two to choose from - 'margherita' and 'marinara'. Whichever one you vouch for, treat yourself to extra mozzarella.

    Open Mon-Sat from 11am-11pm.

  • Sorbillo

    Via Tribunali 32, Naples, Italy

    Opened in 1935, Sorbillo battles it out with many other pizzerias for the coveted title of 'best pizza in Naples'. Here there are numerous pizzas, all as mouth-watering as the other. It can be extremely busy, particularly around lunch time, so be prepared to wait for a table.

    Open Mon to Sat 12 noon-3.30pm & 7pm-midnight.

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