Entertainment in Naples, Italy

Naples Entertainment

Even though it is a city that has a reputation for being a somewhat menacing city after dark, Naples is surprisingly quiet at night. This city doesn’t boast the squares of its northerly counterparts that are lined with bars. There are still a few hotspots around the city though.

If you are adamant on finding a bar to down a few beers then locate Piazza Santa Maria La Nova on your map. You will find it in Central Naples, off Via Monteoliveto. Further north of here is Piazza del Gesú Nuovo, although this has been known to attract one or two undesirables. There are also a number of bars around the Chiaia district.

Finally, if you are looking to incorporate some culture into your nocturnal activities then your best bet is to visit Teatro San Carlo which is where all the city’s classical music and operas are staged.

Entertainments in Naples

  • Enoteca Belledonne

    Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 18, Naples, Italy

    Just like Italy is a great place to sample good ice cream, it's just as good a place to sample good wine. This wine bar in Naples' trendy Chiaia district is one of the nicest wine bars in the city.

    Open daily from 10am-2pm & 6pm-midnight.

  • Madison Street

    Via Sgambati 47, Naples, Italy

    Packed to the rafters every single weekend, Madison Street is Naples' biggest nightclub. The chart and dance music from the speakers keeps the soles of the Neapolitans glued to the floor. If you venture in you may feel your shoes become a little bit sticky too.

    Open Tues & Thurs-Sat from 10pm-4am.

  • Aret' A Palm

    Piazza Santa Maria La Nova, Naples, Italy

    This small, dark bar on one of Naples' busiest squares is a popular hangout with locals and students. Most converge on the square itself, but step inside and the friendly barman will do his best to strike up a conversation with you in his best broken English.

    Open daily from 6.30pm-2.30am.

  • Superfly

    Via Cisterna dell'Olio 12, Naples, Italy

    Like other bars on the lively Via Cisterna dell'Olio, Superfly is small and can get packed in minutes. When this happens the crowd spills out on to the street. A jazz bar with an upbeat atmosphere, its only downfall is that it closes for some summer months.

    Open daily from 7pm-2.30am/4am at weekends; closed mid June-mid Sept.

  • Botany's

    Via A. Manzoni, 216, Naples, Italy

    If you're looking for a hotspot with good drinks, good people and good music, you could definitely do worse than Botany's. It attracts hippies, trendsetters and everyone in between.

    Open daily from 4pm-2am

  • Bar Lazzarella

    Calata Trinita Maggiore 7-8, Naples, Italy

    Another small bar in the popular Piazza del Gesù Nuovo area, this hangout is popular with students. Thanks to its location, connecting the piazza with Via Monteoliveto, its a great place to people watch.

    Open daily from 4pm-2am.

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