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Visiting New Orleans

It is often said that New Orleans is like no other city in the US and the second you arrive you’ll see what they mean. It is literally heaving with activity all year round and the fascinating mix of culture which exists there greatly adds to the colour and atmosphere of this remarkable location.

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New Orleans City Reviews

  • 90%


    Favorite City Ever

    I think NOLA is overlooked as one of the top cities to explore in the USA. I have been to NYC, LA, Vegas, Memphis, Philly, ect but nothing can compare to NOLA. The food, the culture, the atmosphere, the views and the people are all encompassed into one big awesome experience. I've been twice in 10 months, and will definitely be back. Try all the food, explore all the places and get drunk on Bourbon!

    Insider Tip:While waiting for luggage, have someone wait in the long taxi line. The Grenade drinks are as mind blurring as they are rumored to be. Check groupon and foursquare for food deals!

  • 80%


    New Orleans

    I would recommend New Orleans but be warned, it's crazy! and can seem a bit intimidating if you're a female travelling alone (like I was). Still worth a visit, just keep your wits about you and watch out for the lethal cocktails they serve of Bourbon street...

    Insider Tip:Don't stay for more then 2 days if you're on your own and on a budget!

  • 70%


    Nawlins Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras is crazy and almost anything goes. The parades are fantastic and unlike anything I've ever seen. The food is phenomenal, go to the Gumbo Shop near Jackson Square. Be prepared for both hot and freezing weather!

    Insider Tip:Transport is non-existent so stay close to the French Quarter and parade routes.

  • 70%


    Great city, but a bit sketchy

    I'd been to NOLA many times when I was younger, but I guess I'd never realized just how sketchy it is. I'm glad I brought a male friend with me when I went. If you're uncomfortable with sexual things, this is not the city for you! However, the French Quarter is a ton of fun; bring cash to tip the entertainers who are everywhere. It's an expensive town; be prepared to drop a bunch of money. There's a convenient trolley; I'd recommend it rather than paying for parking.

    Insider Tip:You've got to know where to go before you go out for the night. You really aren't going to just wander into something good. Make sure you hit Cafe Du Monde for beignets and BRING CASH (they don't accept other forms of payment in the restaurant). One bartender at Voodoo BBQ and Grill prides herself on having the best deals in New Orleans: $1 choose your own shots and $2 beers. PS. When the guy says to you "I'll bet you $5 I know where you got your shoes," the answer is "On your feet on Bourbon St."

  • 90%


    New Orleans

    It was like I couldn't turn my head without witnessing something beautiful. Perhaps one of the best cities in the US to go to if all you have is time and all you want to do is walk and wander.

    Insider Tip:Molly's on the Market near the French Quarter serves drinks in real glass cups, so if you're like me and taking your plastic cup beverage to the streets is not your thing, hang out here. Reservoir Cafe on Magazine serves delicious local beans.

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