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New York is just like it is in the movies. Horns whine constantly from yellow cabs, hot dog vendors adorn every street corner and fading wisps of steam can be seen trailing from every second manhole. Even though it is just like it is in the movies, nothing can prepare you for your first visit. But it isn’t all towering skyscrapers and busy sidewalks. The East and West Villages are surprisingly low-rise, while Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho are close-knit communities where you will find many of the best restaurants in the city.

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New York City - Ask the locals

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty takes to the streets of New York City to ask the people who live there what their favourite bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods are. Listen to find out why Williamsburg in Brooklyn is so popular and what makes the bar 'Black and White' in the East Village so unique.

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How to save money in New York City

Find out to save money when ordering taxis in Manhattan, when shopping in Macy's and more.

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New York Pocket Guide

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New York City Reviews

  • 80%


    It is New York City, what else to say?!

    It is just amazing. I have no words. Just do the known touristy things but also just walk through some neighboorhoods and talk to the People that are in streets. Sometimes they'll recommand you very cool things.

    Insider Tip:I definetley recommand to buy a Metro Card (3 day ticket/7day, etc). You'll Need it.

  • 90%


    New York in a few days

    Stick to Manhattan if you just have a few days. Day One: go downtown to see the Freedom Tower, ferry to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and then hit Chelsea Market for dinner and shopping. Day Two: walk or run Central Park planning to be on the east side of the park at the end so you can visit all of "Museum Mile" (Metropolitan Art Museum, Guggenheim, etc.), then drop down to Times Square for dinner/shopping. Day Three: Walk Brooklyn Bridge and visit some old churches.

    Insider Tip:Jimmy's Corner in Times Square actually has cheap drinks (no food) right in the middle of the action. It's a great retreat from blowing money on cocktails, but it's small so get there before the evening rush. Cathedral Church of St John the Divine is not-to-miss if you're into some religious history.

  • 90%


    NewYork, the amazing city

    Loved it, loved the people, the place and its cheerful atmosphere and diversity. People are very nice and friendly, I was surprised that how safe and amazing the city is, even the police are so polite. Good transportation system, though looks bit old but very efficient, if you are lost people will come out of their car to help you with the direction!

    Insider Tip:Book early ! Whatever you want to see in the city, book early or else you will miss it. Always carry some cash, cards sometimes doesnt work in supermarkets etc. 7 days metro card is very useful. Get map from the airport, its not available in the city, or if you are in the city, just take the subway map from any stations. There's a nice 1$ pizza slice shop just few meters outside Grand central, it's a Bangladeshi run place, awesome pizza!

  • 70%


    New York tips

    New York is a very busy city that can often feel stressful. Familiarise yourself with the subway and know where you're going. Do not walk two or three aside down busy streets as this will block the foot traffic. There are areas which are quite pleasant and beautiful, often occupied by the super rich (upper east side) contrasted with areas occupied by recent immigrants and poor citizens. You will see many homeless, and be asked for money often on the subway.

    Insider Tip:Avoid shopping or eating in Midtown. This area is only worth walking through on your way to the theatre or the TKTS booth. The streets are extremely crowded and full of people trying to con you/sell you something. The crowd and street-corner sellers will disappear as you make your way further uptown. The upper east and upper west side have wide boulevards and well-heeled locals. If you go downtown the craziness lessens but the roads remain narrow. Always walk on the right hand side of paths.

  • 100%


    Tubmlr should be your guide!

    The GF and I had a blast in NY! We saw the usual sights but did our best to do random crazy stuff thanks to Tumblr. We did a polar dip on the 1st of 2015, we sat and talked to a little known author outside the NC public library who sang us the musical adaptation of his book, and we attended the best burlesque show I've ever seen! Seriously, don't worry about Times Square or the Top of The Rock. NY, NY is best seen by talking to New Yorkers online.

    Insider Tip:If you want to indulge your sex drive with a bit of artistic burlesque, The Slipper Room is now my favourite place on earth. Bastard Kevin MC'd the first show and it was the funniest, sexiest, and most enjoyable couples experience. The crowd was an even mix of young and old, men and women. The stairs up to the place feels a touch sketchy but once you're through coat check you'll feel right at home. Everyone here get's it! It's super fun and entertaining and nobody was hitting you up for lap dances and crap.

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