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New York is just like it is in the movies. Horns whine constantly from yellow cabs, hot dog vendors adorn every street corner and fading wisps of steam can be seen trailing from every second manhole. Even though it is just like it is in the movies, nothing can prepare you for your first visit. But it isn’t all towering skyscrapers and busy sidewalks. The East and West Villages are surprisingly low-rise, while Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho are close-knit communities where you will find many of the best restaurants in the city.

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New York City - Ask the locals

Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty takes to the streets of New York City to ask the people who live there what their favourite bars, restaurants and neighbourhoods are. Listen to find out why Williamsburg in Brooklyn is so popular and what makes the bar 'Black and White' in the East Village so unique.

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How to save money in New York City

Find out to save money when ordering taxis in Manhattan, when shopping in Macy's and more.

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New York Pocket Guide

New York Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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New York City Reviews

  • 50%


    The best 3 weeks I've ever had

    A pleasant surprise. I'm from England, so in September/October I'm used to rain and cooler weather. I roasted over there for the majority of my 3 week trip. Was so worth it. Getting around is easy and the only day I stayed in was when I caught a cold. Every day I was out seeing the sights and different places. There's a lot to explore there and with the subway its easy and quick to get around. Certainly worth going. And broaden your sights too, Manhattan isn't the only borough of New York.

    Insider Tip:Try visiting Staten Island, your MetroCard will take you all the way. And the ferry is FREE!! Or there's the Q subway train to Coney Island for the beach. Speaking of which, don't be afraid of the subway. It'll be your best friend for transport as the buses are quite slow due to their being traffic lights at most junctions. Look closely at the subway map too, if two trains go the same way, but one of the numbers isn't on every stop or there's a diamond around it, that train is limited st

  • 80%


    Great stay in HI NYC

    Stayed there 4 nights. Staff was very helpful, answered all our questions, provided interesting and exciting trips (tickets to Yankees, walk through central park.

  • 100%


    New York City

    I don't need to say anything other than: Just do it! It is a busy and beautiful city that offers so much.

    Insider Tip:Central Park

  • 100%


    I love NYC (just like the T-Shirts say)

    I had a great time in NYC, you can literally never get bored there. It's quit good value for money especially for shoopping, but don't get too carried away with food/drink as you'll need to add a 18-20% tip.

    Insider Tip:Use apps such as Goldstar or YPlan to look out for cheap last minute deals. Try to avoid the subway on the weekend it is regularly under construction, diverted or delayed on the weekends and you may miss things if you're on a tight schedule (I did twice).

  • 90%


    NYC Rocks!

    Yes,it's kinda grungy,over-crowded and expensive but it's a fantastic city in spite of all that. There's so much to see there so just do a lot of sight-seeing and don't eat in the restaurants too much(luckily,there's plenty of great places that to eat at that aren't restaurants) As for shopping:window-shop or look for discount stores.Also, there's the museums ,many where you can pay what you can. and finally, Central Park is great just to walk around in and is free.(Of course) Happy Travels!

    Insider Tip:See above. Also,if you don't have your bank located there,go to a Drug Store or Bodega and buy some bottled water rather than pay the high ATM fees. & Starbucks(which are on every corner) lets you sit as long as you want and has great Wifi as well,(in case your Hostel doesn't) I also suggest buying a MetroCard since you'll probably be using a lot of public transportation. Also,avoid taxicabs and take an Uber instead. Finally, the Hop-on,Hop-Off Bus Tours are great for 1st time visitors especially.

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