Eating Out in New York, USA

New York Eating Out

Just like everything else in New York, eating out is either a very expensive activity or a very cheap one. As Manhattan is such melting pot of many cultures, all international cuisines can be found here.

The type of establishment you dine in can depend largely on the area you dine in. Midtown Manhattan is full of fast-food restaurants and chains, while Greenwich Village has a host of more local cafés and restaurants. Chinatown and Little Italy are also teeming with restaurants, while the Lower East Side is also well-known for its restaurants.

Restaurants aside, a meal from a ‘deli’ is an essential part of the New York experience. Mostly open 24 hours, at self service stands inside them you can fill trays for take away with pasta, salad and much more. When you need a lunch on the run, they are in many cases a better option than a hot dog from one of the omnipresent hot dog stands that can be found throughout the city. But then again, that is just as much a part of the New York experience as a trip to the deli is.

Restaurants in New York

  • Tick Tock Diner

    481 8th Ave (between 34th & 35th Sts), Hell's Kitchen, New York, USA

    Along with pizza and pastrami, no trip to NYC is complete without visiting an all-American diner. This one has everything you'd expect on the menu such as 'grits' for the morning and burgers for the evening.

    Open 24 hours.

  • St. Charlie's

    4 Albany Place, Lower Manhattan, New York, USA

    When you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, you can do a lot worse than something from Charlie's. Close to Ground Zero, this is where you can find the 'Best Burger in Lower Manhattan'. Apparently. Walk in with $5 and you will walk out full.

    Open daily from 12 noon-midnight.

  • Ben's Pizza

    123 MacDougal St at 3rd Ave, Greenwich Village, New York, USA

    Some say the pizza you get in Ben's is the best in the West Village. Other's say it is the best in Manhattan. Either way, the $2 slices from this Greenwich Village pizzeria are tasty, filling, and will ensure you return.

    Open daily from 10am-5am.

  • The Red Lion

    151 Bleecker St, Greenwich Village, New York, USA

    Popular with local NYU students, you can get a dozen Red Lion Wings for $6. If you're willing to push the boat out a little, get the large platter for $24 which will fill three. Live music nightly also.

    Open daily from 11.30am-4am.

  • New York Delis

    , New York, USA

    Delis are where to get authentic 'subs' - rolls with enough meat to feed a small army. Manhattan's most famous deli is the Carnegie Deli (corner of 7th Ave & 55th St) although a sub here will set you back $11. Further down 7th Ave, 810 Gourmet Deli (between 52nd & 53rd) has sandwiches big enough to feed a horse for $7, while Katz's Deli (205 East Houston St.) in the Lower East Side is where Meg Ryan got rather excited after chomping into her pastrami in 'When Harry Met Sally'.

  • Hot dogs stands

    , New York, USA

    If your budget is tighter than your jeans after one too many subs, you can always turn to New York's hot dog stands for a quick snack. Costing $2, they're good for lunch on the run. Stands also sell pretzels and sausages on their own.

  • Bleecker Street Pizza

    Cnr of 7th Ave & Bleecker St,, West Village, New York, USA

    Famed for their thin-based, Tuscan-style pizza slices, Bleecker Street Pizza is a great (and cheap) place to grab a pizza slice. They've a wide range to choose from but their specialty is their take on the margherita, the 'Nonna Maria'.

    Open daily from 10am-4am.

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