Transport in New York, USA

New York Transport

Getting There

By air: New York is serviced by three airports – JFK, La Guardia and Newark. These are easily accessed by buses which run to and from Grand Central Station and Port Authority every 20-30 minutes.

By train: All Amtrak trains depart from Pennsylvania Station on 33rd Street, between Seventh and Eight Aves. The Long Island Rail Road operates from this station, as well as the Metroliner train to Princeton, NJ, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

Grand Central Terminal on 42nd Street and Park Ave serves the Metro-North line to Connecticut and other NY suburbs.

By bus: Most long-haul journeys leave and depart from Port Authority Terminal on 41st Street and Eight Ave. The two biggest bus companies in operation are Peter Pan and Greyhound buses.

Getting Around

On foot: No matter what way you look at it, you’ll have to use some format of public transport during your stay. But there are some notable parts of the city within walking distance of each other. For instance, the southern end of Central Park is easily reachable on foot from Times Square.

By subway: While New York’s subway is extremely useful in places, it isn’t as user friendly as undergrounds in other stations. Trains are numbered and lettered and share lines with other services which can be confusing. Another downfall is that getting crosstown via subway can be particularly challenging. In saying that you will definitely use it at some stage during your stay.

By bus: New York’s bus network is easy to use. All buses in the Manhattan borough begin with, all those in Queens begin with Q and so forth. In Manhattan, buses tend to run up and down the avenue they are on and the one next to it.

By taxi: Around Manhattan, yellow taxis are omnipresent. Beginning at $2.50, fares get 40c for every kilometre thereafter. If possible, get on to the avenue your street is on before jumping in one as getting from avenue to avenue can be long, and therefore costly.

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