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Visiting Nice

Nice is trendy, cosmopolitan, chic and full of money. As it is situated beside the sea you can just picture the type of people who stay here. You've got it – flash and with cash. Now, backpackers aren’t known for frequenting the world’s most exclusive resorts, but with the right clothes and attitude, nobody will know you’re a budget traveller!

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Nice Pocket Guide

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Nice City Reviews

  • 80%


    Quick Trip to Nice

    I did typical things for a tourist. I went to the Cours Saleya and the market behind it (on Saturdays) at the Place du Palais de Justice which happened to be a book and postcard market (perfect for me). I also took the trek up to Castle Hill where a man was playing the accordion. How nice! Everywhere I read said to visit Fenocchio (an ice cream shop), but unfortunately it was closed (maybe for the season?). Walking through Old Nice was very nice, as well.

    Insider Tip:Socca is a food unique to Nice. It's kind of like a chickpea pancake or savory crepe. Wasn't my favorite but definitely worth a try.

  • 100%


    Nice is one of the best places.

    There is sea in Nice. It is soooo beautiful. and it is easy to go to Monaco and Eze. and There are so many delicious food. I hope to live in France. Thanks Nice for providing gorgeous experience for me.

    Insider Tip:There are many going to Monaco buses. but if you wanna visit Eze before getting to Monaco, you should be hurry. because there are a few buses.

  • 80%


    Beautiful City of Nice, France

    Lovely and exciting city to visit in France. I would suggest to anyone going to France to visit Nice. There are so many beautiful places to visit like cote d azur, French Riviera, Nice Mascena a town square nearby with lovely shopping stores and tourist train to go around the city. Visit their neighbor Italy .I went as far as San Remo in Italy, just passed Monacco. Loved the entire trip and walked along their harbor, Morgana Bay. Beautiful ships and breathless sea view then back to Nice.

    Insider Tip:Travel light and make sure you keep your train ticket safe.

  • 100%


    a break after work

    I went to Nice in the beginning of November. The weather is nice and warm. People have a very cozy life. I like watching people running or fishing along the beach in the early morning. The sunrise and sunset are amazing. I don't feel bored even just sitting on the bench along the beach. You can enjoy the musicians playing the violins and singing. In contrast, Monaco and Cannes are not so much fun, but it is still worthy one day trip if you have enough time.

  • 70%


    Perfect weather the whole time we were there, no clouds at all even in November, sun was shining and weather was very good! We enjoyed staying in the off season as there were less tourists crowding the beach while the weather was still perfect.

France: Itinerary

Nice conjures up images of casinos, beaches and beautiful people. This image is pretty much right. While Monaco may be better known for its more outlandish casinos, there are still quite a few in France’s fifth largest city. It attracts sun worshippers like honey attracts bees. But Nice isn’t as glamorous as Cannes so as a backpacker you won’t feel to out of your depth here.

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