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Visiting Nice

Nice is trendy, cosmopolitan, chic and full of money. As it is situated beside the sea you can just picture the type of people who stay here. You've got it – flash and with cash. Now, backpackers aren’t known for frequenting the world’s most exclusive resorts, but with the right clothes and attitude, nobody will know you’re a budget traveller!

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Nice Pocket Guide

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Nice City Reviews

  • 90%



    Having from from Marseille, Nice was literally a breath of fresh air. Beautiful beachfront city, clean and friendly. Everything within walking distance. Lots to see and do. Easy to take the bus or train to other local cities (e.g. Monaco, Cannes, Villefranche-sur-Mer). Beach was rocky but actually quite nice. Loved the old town.

    Insider Tip:Take the bus or train to Cannes, the beaches there are much nicer. Enjoy some wood-oven pizza or freshly made pasta. Remember that gratuity is often included in your bill so if it says "prix nets" then you don't have to tip again. There are lots of shops selling the same souvenirs - shop around for the best prices. Visit the markets in the old town. Buy Marseille soap, lavender, Provence herbs. Enjoy the local wines.

  • 90%


    A great place to visit.

    Nice is a great place to visit. Me and my girlfriend spent three nights in Nice and we loved every min of it! The variety between the old and the new town offers so much choice. Monaco is only 40 mins away and offers sandy beaches, which is something Nice does not have. Nice is a beautiful city, great markets, very picturesque you will not be disappointed if you decided to visit here!

    Insider Tip:For cheaper restaurants in the old town go away from the main squares, walk down every small alley and you will find a perfect restaurant for you at a cheaper rate than you will find on the main squares!

  • 60%


    The beautiful French Riviera

    Nice is an amazing city and when you add Monaco and Cannes it doesn't get any better. Beautiful beaches, blue water, great marina, and a brand new park int he middle of the city. I would highly suggest traveling to this city if you are traveling during the warm months.

    Insider Tip:The public bus costs only 1.50 euros and will take you all the way from Cannes to Monaco. This is the only way to get around the French Riviera - not only is it cheap but the views from the bus as you drive the coastline are unbeatable.

  • 80%


    It's a resort town

    I generally like to go to places where I can meet local people, but Nice is a resort that attracts people (especially students on Spring Break) from all over the world.

    Insider Tip:Definitely go and ride the bus to Monaco. It's an inexpensive way to get a great view of the coast.

  • 80%


    Nice is nice.

    It was a beautiful city with a lot of young people and great restaurants. Very pricey, but it is what you would expect. Gorgeous beach. I was there for Carnaval so the parade was really extravagant and fun- unlike any other parade I've been to.

    Insider Tip:Save up money!

France: Itinerary

Nice conjures up images of casinos, beaches and beautiful people. This image is pretty much right. While Monaco may be better known for its more outlandish casinos, there are still quite a few in France’s fifth largest city. It attracts sun worshippers like honey attracts bees. But Nice isn’t as glamorous as Cannes so as a backpacker you won’t feel to out of your depth here.

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