About Nice, France

About Nice

Capital of the French Riviera, Nice is the fifth largest city in France. Due to its location on the south coast, it is a haven for sun worshippers. It attracts a lot of the country’s elite, as well as others from across the globe.

France’s beautiful people swarm around the city, and particularly the beaches, every year. Its situation on the Bay of Angels (Baie de Anges) makes it the perfect destination for some relaxing. Even though the area does attract a select amount of French holidaymakers, it doesn’t stop backpackers enjoying the city also.

Along with its style and charm, Nice is also steeped in history and is one of France’s oldest cities. Accounts say its name dates back as far as 350BC. Since its first visitors, the city has grown to be a very multi-racial city over the years, with foreigners arriving from all destinations.

The most important thing with Nice is not to allow the area’s wealth intimidate you or put you off visiting. While there is a lot of it around, and even though you may be on the tightest of budgets, you will still be able to enjoy your stay here to maximum effect.

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