About Oslo, Norway

About Oslo

Oslo is no stranger to striking scenery, surrounded as it is by fjords and forestry. However, this popular Scandinavian destination has a lot more going for it than just a pretty face. Museums, galleries and green spaces rub shoulders with an animated nightlife comprised of numerous bars, clubs and live music venues, along with numerous cafés and restaurants too.

Located on the Oslofjord, Oslo is Norway’s capital and largest city. The city covers an area of 426.9 square kilometres and is home to almost 580,000 people. It is the world’s most expensive city but travellers can keep costs down by making use of the city’s range of top-class budget accommodation, checking out the city’s great selection of free attractions and looking around for the best value meals offered by a wide array cafés and restaurants.

It’s an easy city to get around, with a variety of public transport options as well as a compact city centre that can be explored on foot. The locals are a friendly bunch and many of them have great English, making it very easy to find out more about the best places to check out in this enticing city.

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