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Visiting Paris

Regarded as the most romantic city in the world, Paris is definitely a wonderful place for couples to visit, although you don’t have to be travelling there with that ‘someone special’ to appreciate it. It is full of famous landmarks and museums, great places to eat and a host of buzzing bars and nightclubs. So even if you are going with some friends or on your own, you won't find it hard to fill your days.

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Paris Podcasts

Getting to know Montmartre

In this podcast Hostelworld.com's Colm Hanratty travels to Montmartre, one of Paris' best-known neighbourhoods, to speak to Frederique Maitrehenry of Musée de Montmartre to find out what makes it so unique.

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Paris Videos

How to save money in Paris

How to save money buying tickets for public transport, when the main museums in Paris are free and more.

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Paris Pocket Guide

Paris Pocket Guide

Download our free pocket guides for cities all over the world that are packed with money-saving tips and more.

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Paris City Reviews

  • 40%


    A Big Fat "No" to Paris

    I got pick pocketed and lost my phone for good, and worst of all, it was in a restaurant of all places. There are a ton of shady characters everywhere, and the city is far too large to navigate economically or easily. All the food costs are astronomically high despite their mediocrity. Street peddlers jingle their excessive amount of eiffel tower sculptures and beggars are omnipresent.

    Insider Tip:watch your pockets, constantly.

  • 70%


    Be safe and be alert from pick pocketers

    Though I didn't stay for a long time, it was a good city for its renowned museums and high street brands. Plan minimum 2 nights and 3 days to cover most of the things. Best to take hop on hop-off tickets as they are very convenient and you can feel the city vibe. Also try city metros which has super connectivity to anywhere. Be alert and careful in undergrounds from pickpoters I was just saved by that and from black people around sacre coeur who come to tie a string and demand for money..

    Insider Tip:Plan for Eiffel tower in the evening so that you can enjoy city during loght and night. Its beautiful

  • 100%


    Our Parisian Visit

    A great place to spend a vacation. After our visit we believe that everyone should visit Paris at least once in his or her lifetime.

    Insider Tip:Talk to someone who knows how to circumvent the crowds by finding the best places to purchase tickets and enter the sites (for instance, the Louvre has multiple entrances).

  • 80%



    Paris was waaaay bigger than I thought! I like walking whenever I can, but this was not a city that you could walk all day. It was a bit busier and more hectic than I thought, but it was still beautiful.

    Insider Tip:Go to the top of Montparnasse instead of the Eiffel Tower for a view of Paris. It was cheaper (or so I was told) than going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, a shorter wait time, AND you're view has the Eiffel Tower in it!

  • 60%


    Although little is being positioned outside near La Gare du Nord, was not significantly enough to risk. Curtain of the bed and reading lights, and the outlet was very convenient. Toilets and showers were also clean and has very convenient in many ways. If traveling to Paris again, I'd like to visit again.

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