Entertainment in Paris, France

There is a big café culture in Paris, rather than a pub one. During the summer months, sitting outside one of them watching locals go about their night out can make yours.

The city’s bars aren’t as relaxed and casual as the cafés, so don’t wear whatever you find stuffed in at the top of your backpack. Parisians take a lot of pride in their appearance so wear the best item you can and give it a quick iron too! This way backpackers don’t stick out as much.

Around the Latin Quarter, and ‘Elysee Montmartre’ and ‘La Cithea’ are some great live music bars frequented by students and a young trendy crowd. And another popular areas for nightlife are around Place de la Bastille.

Entertainments in Paris

  • Lush Bar

    16 Rue des Dames, 17th Arr., Paris, France

    This small bar just around the corner from Place de Clichy is one of Paris' coolest bars. Plant yourself on to a stool during the week and you're guaranteed to meet a local, while enter it on the weekend for a far livelier night. The English speaking staff are also extremely friendly.

    Open daily from 4pm-2.30am.

  • Le Lèche Vin

    13 Rue Daval, 11th Arr., Paris, France

    How many bars do you know where pictures of the Pope, God, the Virgin Mary, and other religious figures dangle from the walls? Not many, I know. Well now you know one. Aside from its pious tendencies, this bar in the extremely lively Bastille area has cheap beer and a great ambience.

    Open daily 7pm-1.30am.

  • Le Galway

    Quai des Grands Augustins, 1st Arr., Paris, France

    Irish bars are all over Paris although there is something very un-Irish about a lot of them. Across from the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Galway is an authentic Irish bar with plenty of Irish spirit and Irish staff.

    Open daily from midday-2am and until 5am Fri & Sat.

  • Le Cabaret

    2 Place du Palais Royal, 1st Arr, Paris, France

    If you want to go to a nightclub, but still want to be able to segregate yourself from the rest of the clubbers when the going gets too much, Le Cabaret was designed for you. Veer away from the dancefloor you will find beds full of cushions in corners of the club.

    Open Mon-Sat 9am-6am.

  • Café Oz

    184 rue St-Jacques, 5th, Paris, France

    This Antipodean bar has a wide range of Australian beers, wines all served by friendly staff. A nice mix of French and expats make it a popular café. Mock aboriginal cave paintings decorate the walls and quaint Aussie mementoes fill the corners.

    Open daily from 4pm-2am.

  • Kitty O’Shea’s

    10 rue des Capucines, 2nd, Paris, France

    The décor is imported from Ireland, as are the Guinness and Kilkenny. Packed with bankers early on, the atmosphere becomes more relaxed later, with a mix of Irish, English and French.

    Open daily from 9am-2am.

  • Le Café Noir

    65 rue Montmartre, 2nd, Paris, France

    Good crowd here with budget prices. You can also grab a light meal to soak up the beer and good selection of spirits.
    Open 8am-2am Mon-Fri; 4pm-2am Sat.

  • Batofar

    facing 11 quai François-Mauriac, 13 th, Paris, France

    This nightspot is a combination of bar, club and concert venue, catering for all audiences. One of Paris’ more unique haunts as it is a lighthouse boat from the Irish Sea renovated into a nightclub, now planted firmly on the River Seine.

    Open Tue-Sun 8pm-2am; admission free-€10.

  • Bus Palladium

    6 rue Fontaine, 9th, Paris, France

    Keep your eyes open when socialising in here as the odd celebrity pops in here for a drink. Bus Palladium is generally known as a rock venue, but recently more up-to-date music like funk and disco has made its way through the speakers.

    Open 11pm-dawn Tue-Sat; admission €15 (girls free Tue).

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