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Visiting Perth

Welcome to Perth…the city with lights, sun and surf. With silver skyscrapers glinting in the sun, a remarkably blue sky, energetic outdoorsy vibrancy, and the sparkling Indian Ocean and glorious white beaches just a bus ride from downtown.

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Perth Podcasts

Where to Stop on Australia's West Coast

Colm speaks to 'Hopper', manager of Perth's The Witch's Hat hostel and former Western Australia tour guide about the best stops on the coast of his beloved home state.

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Perth Videos

What not to miss in Perth

Hostelworld's Colm Hanratty tells you what not to miss in Perth from famous Kings Park

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Perth Pocket Guide

Perth Pocket Guide

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Perth City Reviews

  • 100%


    perth city

    perth is a great up and coming city, with a not to busy or wild feel to it. with the beach close by.

  • 80%


    Just not Sydney

    Perth is a nice, small and quiet city. I felt a few days there was plenty of time to explore. Spend some time in Fremantle, have a beach day at Cottesloe and visit Rottnest Island! You will not be disappointed.

    Insider Tip:Base yourself in Fremantle. The city of Perth doesn't have too much going for it.

  • 70%



    Lovely city, nice parks, great suburbs (Fremantle is great). Lots to do in the area and really good free buses around the CBD.

  • 70%


    Perth is quite boring

    Perth is a boring city to go to is you are on vacation. Get some people, rent or share a car and go up north, you are more likely to have a good time than staying in perth. That city is also super expensive so beware :)

    Insider Tip:Go up north in car to Shark bay, pinnacles, Kallary

  • 70%


    Good but quiet

    Perth was our first destination of a year working visa in Oz. The town offers what you would expect a city to offer, although it is a little on the small and quiet side for my liking. Night life is alright, some cheap places to eat out if you look. Free inner city transport a big plus, plus linked well to the other suburbs around Perth. Bit more expensive than other cities on the East coast, although the average wage tends to be a bit higher.

    Insider Tip:Good place to find work as not only is the average wage above average, but there is a lot of labour work currently and a lot of other backpackers are on the East coast.

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