Entertainment in Perth, Australia

Perth Entertainment

The most common place to enjoy a night out in Perth is a in a pub or bar. Perth also has a fairly decent club culture as well for those of you who wish to party into the small hours of the morning. Normal opening hours for pubs are from 11am to midnight (Mon-Sat) and 11am to 10pm (Sun) but most places stay open until 2am at the weekends. Some bars actually have 24-hour licenses but very few actually stay open all night. Opening hours of clubs vary but they will generally close between 3am and 6am. The standard drink in Perth is draught beer, a ten ounce (half-pint) glass is known as a middy which should cost you around $2 and the larger fifteen-ounce glass is known as a schooner and will cost around $3. Bottled beers will cost between $4-5 in most places and a glass of wine will cost around $4. Cocktails are also a popular choice in Perth and remember to keep an eye out for happy hours in many pubs where a wide selection of cocktails can be bought usually at half price.

Entertainments in Perth

  • The Shed

    69-71 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, Perth, Australia

    Playing host to different bands almost every night, The Shed is one of the best places in Perth for live music. It is also popular with overseas backpackers for major sporting events.

    Open Thurs & Sun 12 pm-12am, Fri & Sat 12pm-2am, closed Mon-Wed.

  • Aberdeen Hotel

    100 Aberdeen St, Northbridge, Perth, Australia

    Nowhere in Perth is it constantly crowded on Fridays & Saturdays! This place is the ultimate in pub arrangement - dance floor one side, live band on the other with a function centre upstairs. Mondays is Backpacker's night, so if you’re new to Perth why not come down for cheap drinks. Or if you were used to the Red Lion days of old, come down on Sundays at 5pm to join in all the fun.

  • Elephant and the Wheelbarrow

    53 Lake St. Northbridge, Perth, Australia

    For an authentic English pub, try the Elephant and the Wheelbarrow. Especially head down after work on a Friday night for a taste of English beer and if you're feeling peckish, have a meal as well! With its live bands on Fridays and Saturdays, it is the perfect place for a good night out. Starts getting busy around 5pm Friday and around 8pm Saturdays.

  • Metropolis Northbridge

    146 Roe St, Northbridge, Perth, Australia

    Metropolis Northbridge offers a state-of-the-art club environment including special laser shows, music and an unbelievable floor arrangement. With five floors it is one of the biggest clubs in Australia. Gets busy at 11pm on Friday and 10pm Saturday. Not just a club, Metro Northbridge also offers live band facilities.

  • Bog Northbridge

    361 Newcastle Street, Northbridge, Perth, Australia

    Being Australias first late night Irish pub, the Bog Northbridge sure lives up to its reputation as a great place to party every night of the week! Monday night is industry night although all patrons are welcome. Adding a touch of Ireland to the Pub, most staff are Irish backpackers with authentic Irish accents. Membership gets quick entry for you and a guest, members parties (cheap drinks). 12mths get a free T-shirt, key ring and cap. Get in early on Fridays and Saturdays as queues start at 11pm.

  • Red Rock Hotel

    1 Bay View Tce, Northbridge, Perth, Australia

    The Red Rock Hotel, formerly known as the Continental (Conti) Hotel, is at its busiest Thursday and Friday nights. A large number of students rock up to the Thursday night session where Friday night is dominated by the after work crowd.

    The Red Rock is laid back and casual. You have the option to sit out on the balconies, play pool, or dance the night away on the dance floors.
    Straight after the Red Rock closes at 12am, most people head down the road to the Club Bay View.

  • Church

    69 Lake St., Northbridge., Perth, Australia

    Confess or commit your sins at the Church. With its dark surrounding and fantastic light show, it creates the ultimate dancing environment. Upstairs you can play a game of pool, sit in the lounges or simply perve on all the awesome dancers below.

  • Hip-e-Club

    Behind the Leederville Village., Perth, Australia

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays many backpackers will be found at this club enjoying free entry, a complimentary drink and lining up hours for a sausage! The club provides a free bus back to local hostels.

  • Connies

    81 James St., Metro, Perth, Australia

    Connies is popular for dance music and floor shows.

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