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Visiting Pisa

Located in the Tuscany region in the north of Italy, Pisa is best-know as the home of the world-renowned Leaning Tower. That’s not the only string on the bow of this great city though, as it also boasts a number of other great attractions along with a great selection of bars and restaurants.

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Pisa - a video postcard

Have a look around Pisa with our video postcard.

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Pisa City Reviews

  • 40%


    Consider going to Lucca when you visit PISA.

    PISA will be covered by half-day, then you can spend another half at Lucca, 30 minute by train from PISA central.

  • 60%


    Pisa is a good city for half of the day but there is a also a great place for swimming not far away in Tirrenia, Marina Di Pisa and Livorno (20-30 minutes by bus, cost 4 euro return ticket).

  • 80%


    Small, pretty city near the beach for hot weather!

    Pisa is a small city in the north of the region of Tuscany! Which means it can be really hot here in summer (as in most of Tuscany). Other than that it's a beautiful city! Espacially the Piazza di Miracoli, whit the tower and it's cathedral. Pisa isn't really big, but it's really close to nearby cities as Lucca & Florence (Firenze in Italy). It's also pretty close to a beach, which is only appr. 30 minutes away with the bus. Another plus, the airport is really close by the city center!

  • 70%


    Beautiful city, though not a lot to do and generally quite expensive. All the sightseeing is pretty steap, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 18 euros, and the view from up there is NOT that good.

  • 60%


    Worth a visit

    Pisa was definitely not my favorite city. It is mostly known as a party city, and since we didn't have time to party we were just there for the tower. If this is your same situation I would recommend making it a stop, spend 4-5 hours max and move on to another more enjoyable city for the night.

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