Eating Out in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Eating Out

Restaurants are extremely plentiful in Prague, and deal in all types of fare from traditional to fusion. No matter what part of the city you are in you’ll find somewhere to refuel. What will make such a stop even more refreshing is that sometimes even those restaurants beside the most tourist trodden paths can be exceedingly good value.

In saying that, you’re better off steering clear of restaurants around the Old Town Square and Prague Castle. Instead set your sights on Josefov just north of the aforementioned square as this is where the best (and most reasonable) array of restaurants is.

Even though more and more fusion, Mexican, and other international restaurants are opening, most restaurants still deal in traditional fare. This is where meat is a staple part of the menu. Whether it is beef, duck or pork, the Czechs love their meat. Dumplings, potatoes and goulash also feature heavily in local specialities.

When things are tight though, and you need something quick, cheap, and filling, Wenceslas Square, the main artery of the New Town, is where to go. Here fast-food outlets feed the thousands of stag parties, backpackers, and whoever else ends up in it.

Restaurants in Prague

  • Orange Moon

    Rámová 5, Josefov, Prague, Czech Republic

    Due to the Czechs' tendency not to charge western-style prices for eastern-style fare, you can enjoy a full meal in this fusion restaurant for less than €10. Choose from Indian/Burmese/Thai dishes.

    Open daily 11.30am-11.30pm.

  • Coctail-Café Restaurant

    Karlova 6, Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic

    Considering its central location, you’d expect the food to be a lot dearer than it is in this restaurant. But here you can get anything from pizza to fish at very reasonable prices. Try the ‘Peèené uzené koleno’ (roasted smoked pork). It’s big enough to feed a horse.

    Open daily 24 hours.

  • Pivnice U Švejkù

    Újezd 22, Malá Strana, Prague, Czech Republic

    This restaurant is primarily geared towards tourists but still does decent food at good prices. While it's good for lunches, if you decide to refuel here after 7pm you can do so to the sounds of a local accordian player.

    Open daily from 11am-midnight.

  • Bohemia Bagel

    Újezd 16, Malá Strana, Prague, Czech Republic

    For a good old fashioned English or American breakfast, this is where to go. The menu is full of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon and rashers.

    Open Mon-Fri 7am-midnight, Sat & Sun 8am-midnight.

  • Káva Káva Káva

    Národní 37, Nové Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic

    Thanks to delightfully friendly staff, and mugs of tea/coffee big enough to (nearly) swim in, there is no better place to start the day than in here. Located just two minutes from the northern end of Wenceslas Square, you get 15 minutes free internet with every 60Kc spent.

    Open Mon-Fri 7am-10pm; Sat & Sun 9am-10pm.

  • Wenceslas Square

    , Prague, Czech Republic

    If you've been saying to your friends lately 'Does my bum look too small in these?', this is where to go. Fast-food stands galore.

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