Entertainment in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Entertainment

Walking around Prague after dark, it’s hard not to notice the hordes of tourists which frequent the streets, and in particular the ever-growing number of stag/bachelor parties that flock to it every weekend. Thankfully, they soon disappear into the many strip bars, steering clear of the many authentic Czech taverns which are dotted around the city centre.

These can be found in both the Old Town and New Town, but you must look past the main touristy areas such as Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. It pays to search for them too. For instance, a beer in one of the pubs around Wenceslas Square, or the Old Town Square, can set you back up anything up to 100Kc. Take five minutes to check out watering holes beyond these tourist traps and you’ll find that a beer can still cost as little as 30Kc.

The Czech Republic is another country in Central Europe with a strong musical tradition meaning there are other things to do other than drink and party. One of the most enjoyable of these is a visit to a ‘black light theatre’.

Entertainments in Prague

  • Mecca

    U Pruhonu 3, Prague 7, Prague, Czech Republic

    Prague's hottest spot at the moment has special events and transvestite fashion nights among other things. There is a tamer restaurant and bar for those looking for a quieter night.

    Open 10am-11pm Sun Thurs; 10am-6am Fri and Sat.

  • Akropolis

    Kubelikova 27, Prague 3, Prague, Czech Republic

    This is one of Prague's bigger pubs/venues with four bars in all to get served from. Good venue for live bands.

  • Vinárna U Sudu

    Vodièkova 10, New Town, Prague, Czech Republic

    They say first impressions last. This isn't always true. Upon walking into this bar it seems like a quiet, local wine bar. But take a moment to explore what is beyond the small bar which greets you and you’ll discover a bar that never seems to end - it has 7 different zones.

    Open Mon-Thurs 8am-3am, Sat & Sun 8am-4am, Sun 8am-2am.

  • Karlovy Lazne

    Novotného lávka 5, Staré Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic

    Attracting Prague's weird and wonderful offspring every weekend, Karlovy Lazne is Prague's very own 'superclub'. Spread out over four floors and five rooms, each one plays different genres of music so there is something for everyone.

    Open nightly from 9pm-5am; admission 50Kc-100Kc.

  • Pivovarský Dum

    Lipova 15, Nové Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic

    This bar, frequented mainly by locals, is where to go when you want to try something different. The pub has its own brewery and produces such delights as banana beer, cherry beer and coffee beer. It's also a good place when you want to get out of the city centre.

    Open daily 11am-11.30pm.

  • Caffrey's

    Starémesto námìstí, 10, Staré Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic

    While a beer here is a bit more expensive than in your average bar in Prague, you are always bound to find a bit of 'craic' in this Irish pub. But it isn't one of the city's largest pubs, and gets full very quickly.

    Open daily 9am-2am.

  • The First and Last

    Krásnohrské 5, Josefov, Prague, Czech Republic

    If you're English, and want to catch a live game when you're in Prague, you can be guaranteed to catch it in this English bar in the Josefov district. If you're not looking to catch a game, you'll still enjoy a beer as staff are friendly and it attracts a lot of backpackers.

    Open daily from 10am-1am.

  • Radost FX

    Belehradská 120, Prague, Czech Republic

    The city’s affluent hipsters frequent this club while the decor is plush and the DJs pump out techno/house tunes. The title word 'Radost' is Czech for 'pleasure'.

    Open Thurs-Sun 10pm-4pm.

  • Lucerna Bar

    Vodickova 36, Nove Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic

    This extensive club, occupying an old basement ballroom in the beautiful but run-down Lucerna building is the venue for good, lively concerts catering for diverse tastes. The mainly Czech crowd enjoy cheap drinks and the diverse revival bands.

    Open nightly from 8pm-3am.

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