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Visiting Queenstown

Originally settled by the thousands of native New Zealanders who came in search of gold, Queenstown now attracts visitors from all over the world who are in search of the ultimate adventure holiday.

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New Zealand Pocket Guides

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Queenstown City Reviews

  • 60%


    tourist trap

    really nice city with good nightlife and loads of activity to do definitely a adrenaline junkie capital but the price of every thing is massively inflated compared to the rest of the country. spend about a week their then leave to count the cost

    Insider Tip:book trips through hostels as often they are cheaper.

  • 90%


    Tourist town

    One of the best the cities for food! Queenstown has a good variety of different styles of foods and it taste amazing. Also a very nice town with lots of mountains, etc.

    Insider Tip:Be prepared for a lot of tourist!

  • 80%


    Queenstown land of the adventure pamphlets

    Queenstown is awesome, the only tip I have is that we went on the K Jet boat over the Shotover Swing/company jet boat because it was an hour on the lake rather than a half hour. Also, there is a longer trip with a kayak tour attached to it thats like 4 hours that was the best value I think but I couldn't book it due to our itinerary/time constraints. The grocery store is very close to the center of town.

    Insider Tip:Anything up on the mountain requires a gondola ride at ~$30, if you do the luge or zip lining try doing it in one day, and save yourself the extra trip up there. Also, if you are traveling north to christchurch, look into car relocations and apply while you're in queenstown. You can wind up driving a rental car back up to christchurch for $1/day and a free tank of gas. Learned about this after the fact and too late to take advantage of it.

  • 80%


    Spectular Place!

    I thought Queenstown was utterly amazing, everywhere you look the view is just incredible. Sitting on the main beach and watching the sunset every evening was absolutely stunning. There are also so many things to do here from hikes, to paragliding, jetboating, canyoning etc. Be sure to take plenty of money though cos these activities can get real pricey fast.

  • 70%



    It's a tiny spot, but so incredibly beautiful. A tiny strip of beach over what feels like the ocean with perfectly clear, blue waters. The town is quaint and the views are stunning.

    Insider Tip:Dinner around here is pretty posh if you want anything other than a $12 pizza, but most of NZ is pretty pricey. Don't get roped into every single adventure thing posted- it's easy to buy into it! But just enjoying nature in it's natural state is absolutely incredible- the bungee jump there has amazing views and a few runs down the track are totally worth the $9 extra. The rose gardens are spectacular & the water- I just can't say enough about how gorgeous the water is! Remember your bug spray

New Zealand: Itinerary

New Zealand is one of the most popular countries in the world among backpackers. It is famed for its awe inspiring scenery thanks to an array of mountains, glaciers and lakes. If you like adrenaline sports this is one of the best countries in the world to do them. And as it is divided between a north and south island, not many countries in the world are as diverse as this one.

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