City Guide Quito, Ecuador

Visiting Quito

Quito, capital of Ecuador has much to offer visitors. The city is located close to the Andes at an altitude of 2850 metres, and is also at the foot of an active volcano. Just 13 kilometres south of the equator, it also enjoys a spring-like climate all year round due to its altitude.

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Quito City Reviews

  • 70%



    Quito is a wonderful city in its own right. Not the cleanest place, but beautifully set in the mountains. Very affordable. People are nice as well. The only downside is most of the really cool stuff to do is outside the city a ways, so make sure to allot ample time during your stay to accommodate these things.

  • 100%



    Quito is a nice city. There are a lot of interesting historical sites, museums and animal, plant or insect exhibits to see. There are good restaurants also. All in all a pretty cool city.

    Insider Tip:To get around town in a taxi can be pricey, we would recommend taking the bus. Just ask the person working at a stip how to get to where you want. Also ask how many stops away it is as there are not signs at each stop.

  • 60%


    Nice place

    Worth going up the cable car and wandering around the Old Town. The Mariscal is the place to be if you want food and drink but not so much culture. Despite warnings about safety around there we experienced no problems either at night or on Sundays.

    Insider Tip:Don't try looking for a decent restaurant in the Old Town after about 6pm - you will be disappointed. Go to the Mariscal instead.

  • 40%


    Quito - Why?

    If you like churches then you may like Quito. However, it is mostly urban sprawl and I wouldn't recommend staying more than two nights (two full days is more than enough). It was the first World Heritage listed city but honestly, it isn't THAT nice. There are better places to go in Latin America, or if transiting through, minimize time here.

    Insider Tip:Avoid La Mariscal, its dangerous, touristy, tacky and expensive, stay in Old Town which is closer to the historic sites and La Ronda which is where the locals spend their nights eating and drinking.

  • 70%



    What an amazing city! Not only so cheap, but so much to do. The historic centre is full of life and the even though I am not a church person, you could not miss these! Beautiful, and the people inhabiting Quito were so friendly and helpful.

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