City Guide Quito, Ecuador

Visiting Quito

Quito, capital of Ecuador has much to offer visitors. The city is located close to the Andes at an altitude of 2850 metres, and is also at the foot of an active volcano. Just 13 kilometres south of the equator, it also enjoys a spring-like climate all year round due to its altitude.

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Quito City Reviews

  • 50%


    Cool city

    Quito is a great place to spend a few days and check out the old city and enjoy a ride on the TeleferiQo. Also the nightlife is worth experiencing.

    Insider Tip:Visit Capilla del Hombre!

  • 80%


    Fun Nightlife, cool Old town

    Quito is a cool place to spend a couple nights - The Mariscal offers plenty of nightlife, while the Old town city center of Quito and the city parks are cool to walk around during the day. Also be sure to visit the Teleferico to get an awesome view of the whole city.

    Insider Tip:Use the EcoVia bus to get around whenever possible (the red buses) - its only 25 cents and runs through the center of the city. Also be sure to wear sunblock even when just walking around town! The high elevation and location close to the Equator makes for pretty high UV index.

  • 60%



    Cold weather because of the alltitude. Some historical buildings to see, not much to do for the rest.

  • 80%


    Quito: Not so scary after all

    Treat this as any big city, use common sense and don't get wasted and stumble around in the dark in public and you'll be fine. My boyfriend and I went prepared for the worst and this is a lovely city with a lot to offer (Not cheap though). Though I'm sure crime happens and I truly sympathize with the victims, I feel this city has gotten an undeserved bad rap for the kind of bad apples you can find in any city in the world.

    Insider Tip:Centro Historico is great for sight seeing and the Teleferico is a must do! There are police everywhere and all legitimate taxis have security cameras and meters. There are certain areas of the city that aren't safe to walk around as a gringo (like anywhere), but they are fairly obvious. We did La Ronda, Centro Historico, Teleferico, New Town...no problems. Troll bus is rife with pickpockets so again, use common sense. It's worth a $5 cab ride not to have a ninja lift your iPhone or GoPro.

  • 70%



    Quito is a wonderful city in its own right. Not the cleanest place, but beautifully set in the mountains. Very affordable. People are nice as well. The only downside is most of the really cool stuff to do is outside the city a ways, so make sure to allot ample time during your stay to accommodate these things.

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