Entertainment in Quito, Ecuador

Quito’s Old Town is the best part of the city to go to when it comes to nightlife and, in particular, one square called Plaza de la Independencia. It isn’t unusual to see people dancing in the streets here as there is always loud music to be heard.

The city’s bars range from quiet places with a provincial feel to larger venues reminding you that you are in a capital city. Whether its dance music, karaoke or rock n roll you are looking for, you will find something to suit.

While bars close at 2am, discotheques carry on a lot later. But take note – there are three types of cover charge. The first is the standard cover charge where you pay a fee to get in and then you pay for your drink inside. Second is known as consumo minimo where there is no cover charge but you must buy a certain amount of drinks once inside. And the third is Entrada con derecha a una bebida where you pay a fee to get and you get a free drink once inside.

If you don’t want to go to a bar or club, and there is nothing to do in your hostel, Quito has many cinemas. Theatres, on the other hand, aren’t as easy to find.

Entertainments in Quito

  • Reina Victoria Pub

    Reina Victoria 530 (between Carrión and Roca), Quito, Ecuador

    As many of the staff here are English speaking, Reina Victoria is popular with backpackers. Another factor contributing to its popularity is the fact that it has beer on tap, something which isn’t found a lot in Quito.

  • Seseribó

    Veintimilla and 12 de Octubre, Quito, Ecuador

    While there is a cover charge to get into this salsa bar, it is worth it as the atmosphere in Seseribó electric. One not to be missed at night in Quito.

  • Ghoz Bar

    La Niña 425 and Reina Victoria, Quito, Ecuador

    This bar is popular with those who like to do something other than drink in a bar. Ghoz Bar has a foosball table, a dart board and pinball machine to keep you occupied when you run out of things to say to your buddies!

  • Arribar

    Juan León Mera 1238 and Lizardo García, Quito, Ecuador

    If you are looking for an alternative spot to socialise in, Arribar will probably suit you most as of the music playing is either hip-hop, techno or jungle. The crowd is a bit different to most other bars.

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