Things To See in Quito, Ecuador

In 1978 UNESCO declared the city of Quito a World Heritage Listed site. This was mainly due to the Old Town which is a delight to walk about. Plaza de la Independencia is a good place to begin as here is where you can find the city cathedral and Palacio de Gobierno. All around the rest of the city streets are buildings which represent the colonial feel.

For those interested in learning more about Ecuador and its capital, there are many museums to feed you full of knowledge. Archaeology buffs are extremely well catered for, and one which really shouldn’t be missed is the planetarium on the nearby hills. After visiting this museum you can enjoy spectacular views of the city.

To see the difference between colonial Quito and ‘new’ Quito, northeast of the Old Town is the New Town. Since developing in 1914, the difference in architecture is quite noticeable. Its centre point is an area called Mariscal Sucre.

Attractions in Quito

  • Basílica del Voto Nacional

    Calle Venezuela, Old Town, Quito, Ecuador

    This is the highest church in Ecuador and is visible from many parts of the city. Built in 1892, it is a relatively new church and is primarily made up of concrete. While it is quite modern in regards to other churches, it is still adorned with spirals and arches.

  • Iglesia de San Francisco

    Plaza San Francisco, Old Town, Quito, Ecuador

    Iglesia de San Francisco is unlike the Basilica as this is Quito’s oldest church and building it began 1535 just one month after the Spanish arrived, but it took over 100 years to complete. The churches amazing altar is complemented by three statues. Archaeologists have recently discovered that the church is built over an Inca temple.

  • Museo Nacional de Banco Central del Ecuador

    Av. Patria, between 6 de Diciembre, and 12 de Octubre, Quito, Ecuador

    This museum is the best place to learn about Ecuadorian art and has many fine displays of the country’s archaeological artifacts. Along with that you can marvel at some of the artwork produced by natives in both the Colonial Gallery and the Republican Art Gallery which are also part of the museum.

  • Instituto Geográfico Militar

    Calle Paz Y Mino, Quito, Ecuador

    This planetarium and geographical museum is a nice break from the norm if you grow tiresome of watching architecture. Plus, the view from the museum over Quito is breathtaking.

  • City Plazas

    , Quito, Ecuador

    The best known city plaza in Quito is Plaza de la Independencia in the Old Town. Also known as ‘La Grand Plaza’, it is constantly crowded as many of the city’s top attractions are nearby. It also transforms into a totally different place once darkness falls.

    Plaza San Francisco is slightly less crowded but thankfully, a small bit more picturesque and more open. The city’s other main square is Plaza Santo Domingo which is also extremely open and full of people. All are great for people watching.

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