City Guide Riga, Latvia

Visiting Riga

Riga is both the capital city of Latvia and the biggest city in the Baltic. It covers an area of over 307 square kilometres. More than 722,000 people call Riga home. With its art nouveau architecture and numerous green spaces, Riga is an extremely pretty city. Sprawling across the Daugava River, Riga is divided into a number of different areas, including its picturesque and popular Old Town.

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Riga City Reviews

  • 80%


    Great old-town

    the old town is really lovely. There are also a lot of parks. For sightseeing it is great and also for relaxing.

  • 80%


    Enjoy Riga

    Riga is a great city to visit, there is art in every corner of the Old Town and the other side of the river. It is also a great place to get lost in the handcraft markets where you can find really good handmade souvenirs outside of the commercial one you might foud at the souvenir shops with good prices. The Art Nouvo district is one of the biggest in the world and has a lot of interesting buildings.

    Insider Tip:Take your time to visit Jurmala, is only 40min away by train from Riga and the cost is around 1.4 Euros, so is super cheap to go and spend a day at the beach. Go to the island in the middle of the river and visit a neighbourhood of old fishermen wood cabins. Go out at night and enjoy the Latvian night life in different pubs, bars and clubs around old town and city center.

  • 80%


    Gorgeous in the spring

    I wasn't expecting too much from Latvia it was quite pretty everywhere I went. cheap flights worth the trip for some lovely afternoons and late nights (get the boys on stage for karaoke for a good laugh)

    Insider Tip:Make the trip to Sigulda for bungee jumping, bobsledding, and the airdome thing, also the haunted house was a great way to spend an afternoon 20 euro for the ticket and the taxi ride from old town

  • 80%


    modern city with beautiful 'art nouveau buildings' and great atmosphere

    great city with an awesome medieval quarter - modern buildings, sophisticated structured, included friendly people a traditional/cultural though modern way of life

    Insider Tip:Rock Cafe Riga! Party people get up the tower at the academy of science behind the bus/train station

  • 70%


    Like Bremen and an explosion of restaurants. cafés and co.

    The city is nice. Small but not too small. The city center reminds of any hanseatic city and me for example a bit of Bremen, Germany. The getting around is easy. We walked a lot. The latvians are nice but a bit distant and you'll get in contact mostlikely at tourist sites or in the many restaurants and cafés from stylish to subterranean... Shopping is really westerly but not as diverse as expected... so get ready for restaurants, markets (halls), modern art and relaxed and simple life.

    Insider Tip:Market halls, The district around the statue of liberty and the restaurant/bars/club Ezitis Migla.

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