About Riga, Latvia

Riga is both the capital city of Latvia and the biggest city in the Baltic. It covers an area of over 307 square kilometres. More than 722,000 people call Riga home.

With its art nouveau architecture and numerous green spaces, Riga is an extremely pretty city. Sprawling across the Daugava River, Riga is divided into a number of different areas, including its picturesque and popular Old Town.

Here in Old Town you’ll find some of the city’s major attractions, including St. Peter’s Church Tower and the Dom Cathedral. Other attractions such as the Freedom Monument are within walking distance. A short trip outside the city reveals even more things to see and do.

From the zeppelin hangers of the central market to the top of Skyline Bar, Riga boasts an array of restaurants, bars and clubs. In fact, its vibrant nightlife is one of the main things that attracts visitors to Riga.

Getting around is easy too, whether you want to see the city on foot or it you prefer to take advantage of the extensive public transport network.

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